11 Ways to Make Your Business More Relevant to Customers


Businesses that forget how to be relevant to their customers don’t tend to stick around for very long. Things move fast and if the train of direction changes and leaves your business behind, you’ll wish you’d acted to stay relevant sooner. So even if you’re sure that your company is on top of things right now, you should still be thinking about how you can stay relevant going forward.

It’s easier than you imagine to lose touch with what your customers want from your business, so don’t assume that you understand their needs and wants. You have to stay on the ball and keep pushing in the right direction if you want to succeed in the world of business for years to come.

To help you out with that, we’re about to discuss 11 of the best ways for your business to stay relevant to your customers. Each of these tips and ideas will help your company stay relevant, so pick the ones you think are most applicable to your situation and take things from there. In the end, your business will benefit massively.

  1. Understand That They Have a Budget

Everyone has a budget when they’re buying, and they’re not going to appreciate it if you’re responsible for stretching their budget with constant price hikes. This shows a complete disconnect with your customers because you’re assuming that you can put the price up and experience no loss of revenue. It’s a classic example of taking customers for granted, and you’re never going to be relevant to your customers if you do that. Try to be mindful of the financial constraints your customers are under and keep them on your side.

  1. Stand for Something Real

Businesses can stand for real things and real values, so definitely keep that in mind when you’re presenting your brand to the public. Most people have values, so why shouldn’t your values align with the values that most of your customers have? It’s something to consider, even if it can be difficult to identify those values at first. But it will definitely make your business seem more real and personable if you have some real values that you stand for.

  1. Speak in a Language They Understand

The last thing you want to be doing is speaking in jargon because people simply don’t like this. Not only is it off-putting for them but your message will also get muddled and people will be bored by what you’re trying to get across. So if you want to stay relevant to your customers, you will definitely need to keep speaking in a language that you know they can understand. It might sound like an obvious thing to do but so many companies still completely fail to get it right.


  1. Address Real Needs and Problems

Your products of service should address real problems and real needs that people have. That necessity is what can drive sales better than anything else. If you aren’t offering people what they really need from your company, why would they stay loyal to your brand? It’s something that you should definitely try to keep in mind when you’re coming up with new ideas and creating new products of services. It’ll really help you to stay relevant if you get this right.

  1. Track New Trends

New trends are emerging and developing all the time, and that’s not something to run scared from. Instead, you should embrace it and make sure that you know which trends are hot right now and which directions the market is going in. If you’re out of step with the market trends, you could easily get left behind and overtaken by other companies who are more in tune with such things. That’s clearly not what you want, so start getting better at monitoring this stuff closely and attentively.

  1. Show Intent

Having the right kinds of intentions will go a long way. If customers look at your business and see people who are determined to do their best and serve their customers, they’re going to be impressed and they’re going to stick around for longer. Passive and unhelpful businesses are not relevant to their customer bases, so do try to show as much intent in these areas as you can. It’s all about making it clear to your customers that you’re there to do your best for them.

  1. Communicate With Them Directly on Social Media

People expect to be communicated with directly these days, so if you want to be truly relevant to you fans and customers, you should reply to their messages and help them with their problems on platforms like Twitter. When you actually see people’s messages and respond to them, people really appreciate that because it shows that you’re willing to listen and be attentive to customers, and that really matters. It’s a good idea to hire someone to control your social media engagement and take care of all this stuff.

  1. Don’t Deny Problems When They Exist

The last thing people want to hear from your business are lies. If you just pretend that real problems don’t exist when they’re causing problems for your customers, it will look like you’re burying your head in the sand and ignoring the very real problems that customers are having. Instead, address things directly and make it clear that you’re working hard to rectify any problems people are experiencing. This will mean a lot to people because it shows them that you’re being open and sincere, even when times are tough.

  1. Stay Consistent

Consistency matters in the world of business because people want to know what they can expect from your company. If they’re getting mixed signals every time they buy from you, they’re only going to get fed up and head to a company that they feel like they can rely on more. Relevancy is definitely linked to reliance because all customers prefer to buy from businesses they can trust and rely on to offer them what they expect every time they buy.


  1. Develop New Software to Modernise Your Company

These days, there are certain things that customers expect from the companies they buy from. They want to see that you’re taking a modern approach and can deliver results that are relevant to 2018 and beyond. A good software development team could be beneficial if you’re lacking in this area. The software might help you to operate more efficiently and pass on the benefits of that to customers. These are things that your customers notice, and they might help you to keep them coming back to your business for more.

  1. Don’t be Stubborn

Finally, you should try not to be too stubborn because things change and you need to be willing to change too. If you allow your business to get stuck in its rut just because you’re stubborn about certain things. You have to be open to new ideas if you think your business can benefit from them, and especially if you think your customers can benefit from them too. It’s about making considered decisions based on the facts rather than sticking to your preconceived ideas.

If your business stops being relevant to its core customers, it will only be a matter of time before another company comes along and overtakes you. You don’t want to let that happen, so keep working on new ways to make your business relevant to the people who matter most: your customers.


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