12 Things To Make Entrepreneurs More Successful in 2017


It’s officially the year of 2017, where we start with a blank slate, as new opportunities await all of us. It’s a perfect time to look forward and start something new.

As entrepreneurs it’s important that we take what we learned from the past years and use it moving forward.

This year you will not only accomplish your goals but it will be a blowout year for your business, no doubt.

So want to be successful this upcoming year? These are the 12 things entrepreneurs should do to be more successful in 2017:

  1. Always Bring Your “A” Game

The new year is officially in full speed, so you should already be in hustling mode. If you’re not, get to it! It is not common that most of us can easily fall off track, procrastinate and automatically lose full concentration.

To get the most out of your day is to start bright and early. According to scientists, the early hours of the day are the optimal time for your analytical brain to perform the most complex tasks; they call this time of the day the brain’s peak performance time.

Don’t waste any time – have that goal-oriented mindset daily and take full advantage of every available minute.

  1. Learn and Improve Daily

There are various sources we can use to learn something new every day, one of the best beneficial learning source is reading. Magazines, newspapers, online news or books; pick your choice. Reading is something we should do on the daily; reading not only offers an outstanding wealth of information, but it improves your imagination, creativity and overall makes you smarter.

Other great sources to easily learn from daily are webinars, conferences, mentors, coaches and other entrepreneurs.

  1. Learn to Be More Positive

Stop with the “what ifs,” we all make mistakes in life but that is the best kind of way to learn from them and later applying it to current and future situations.

Naturally, as an entrepreneur it’s easy to always assume the worst, but it’s important to always look at the positive, the promising and the hopeful. After all, it’s a definite blessing (that most people don’t have) to have an opportunity to do what you want to do – so make the most out of it!!

  1. Write Down 30, 60 or 90 Day Goals

Typically, entrepreneurs have endless ideas floating around in their head daily. To keep organized and actually execute these goals, write them down. The best technique is to write down 30, 60 or 90 day goals, and revisit them every month, two or three months.

This way you can easily stay on track and it will allow you to focus and iterate every few months as opposed to making a few daunting goals that never gets accomplished.

  1. Attach Deadlines to Your Goals

Why aren’t any of your goals getting accomplished, you wonder? Maybe you put them aside, procrastinated, forgot; there are numerous reasons why this could have happened. To avoid this from happening this year, it’s essential to attach serious deadlines to your goals.

Start by prioritizing which goals need to get done first and put a deadline on it. With also applying the tip above, there is no doubt you will be accomplishing these goals in no time!

  1. Write Out a Budget

Are you keeping track on your spending? Do you what your profit margin is? These are the types of questions you must ask yourself when writing out a budget. Effective budgeting is key to any long-term success for your business.

If you aren’t quite an expert, get help. Hiring a bookkeeper will help you focus on other important things to grow your business.

  1. Give Yourself Some “Me” Time Too

There is no stopping time for entrepreneurs as they are typically on the clock 24 hours, 7 days a week. Yes, your business is important but your health is very important too. I mean, let’s be real, how can you run a business when you’re not healthy?

Make sure you are getting the proper amount of hours of sleep, and making time to eat a healthy diet and workout regularly.

It’s also essential to take some time off of the year to travel alone or with others you trust in order to refresh and restore your mind.

  1. Ask More Questions

You might think you know every single thing in the world; wrong. This year it’s your time to let others speak while you listen. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn if you ask questions before answering them.

  1. Ditch Past Failures and Learn From Them

You live and you learn; you will always encounter failures as you live your life and that’s okay. Failures are what makes you and your business successful and in the end an overall better person.

  1. No More Excuses

This year there is no room for excuses! Include your goals in your daily schedule and make it a priority. Then set up an alarm to remind you the day before or on the day of the event that today is the day you have to get it done. Life is short, don’t wait until tomorrow to follow your dreams; no matter how big or small the task is, DO IT!

  1. Ask For Help

Again, stop thinking you are capable of doing and knowing everything, because in most cases, you aren’t. Besides, juggling way too many tasks at one time will steer you away from focusing on the important things, and result in horrible quality of work.

It’s never a bad thing to ask for help. If anything, it will steer your business into the right direction. So start thinking about hiring freelancers and virtual assistants to help you with simpler tasks.

  1. Always Keep Moving Forward

It’s just the beginning of the year; whether you already made mistakes or you’re on the right track, don’t stop. Always believe in yourself and your business; no matter how hard it may seem – don’t give up and keep moving forward!

For inspiration, you can listen to podcasts of successful entrepreneurs like the founders of Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB and more. In these podcasts they talk about the years of their business and when they thought, “Is this ever going to take off?”

Just remember, you’re not the only one who fails, learns and wonders if this is your year, because it will be your year! So take all of these things with you this year and make it the best year yet!


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