3 Advantages of Wireless Surveillance Systems for Homes and Businesses


In this day and age, everything seems to be heading the way of wireless. From earphones and computer mice to landline phones and charging docks for mobile devices, we are now seeing more and more applications of wireless technologies in our everyday lives.

One of the most popular applications of wireless technology is internet connectivity. These days, it’s not uncommon to find a home with a Wi-Fi router or a cafeteria with a high-speed wireless connection that’s popular among customers and freelancers. But beyond enabling connectivity to the Internet for domestic and commercial consumer applications, wireless technology can also be used for home and office surveillance systems. Apart from being easier to install than a wired system and increasing the value of the home or office space, wireless surveillance solutions also provide several other benefits that traditional home and office security systems simply can’t offer.

Increased Safety and Security

Traditional security systems are usually connected to telephone lines, which tech-savvy criminals know how to cut in order to deactivate and disconnect from alarms. Wireless security systems, on the other hand, use cell phone frequencies and are often powered by batteries that last up to five years, so you can continue to monitor your home even if telephone or power lines go out.

Another distinct advantage of a wireless surveillance system is that it allows users to connect to the system and monitor activity from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. You don’t have to wait to review the footage because you already have access to live footage, and you can therefore alert the authorities as soon as an alarm is triggered.

Finally, wireless security systems are also less prone to physical damage like fraying, corrosion, or rodent bites, which can quickly escalate into technical malfunctions or become fire hazards.

Wider and Continuous Coverage

Having fewer wires to work with means you can install cameras and other surveillance devices almost anywhere, even in areas where running wires could prove difficult. This means that you can virtually eliminate blind spots in your surveillance system.

Wireless surveillance systems also mean you can easily incorporate a variety of devices in one network, depending on your needs and without worrying about overloading. Among these are motion detectors, night-vision and infrared cameras, 360-degree cameras, and varifocal cameras that have remote zooming and focusing capabilities.

Continuous monitoring, without worrying about recording over previous footage, is also a benefit of wireless surveillance system. The records are easier to keep, review, and reproduce as they’re all digitally stored either in large-capacity drives, the cloud, or both. This is especially important when you have something or someone that you want to keep an eye on all the time—like confidential documents at work or young children and elderly individuals at home.

Beginnings of a Smart Home or Office

The concept of smart homes and offices is quickly gaining popularity. With the help of a wireless surveillance system, you can begin automating your home or office in small ways by integrating other functions. Automatically turning the lights on and off depending on the level of activity is a good place to start. It’s a simple method to save on energy costs.

Other features include locking and unlocking doors (especially in high-security areas), automatically adjusting the thermostat as you receive weather updates, and arming or disarming part of or the entire security system. Best of all, these features can be integrated into your personal devices so you can activate them anytime you need.

Wireless surveillance systems are not without its limitations, however, and these include issues in signal quality and network interference. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, which in themselves can also be addressed with structural planning. Wireless surveillance systems also go beyond preventing crime; it can also give you peace of mind and promote an atmosphere of safety, peace, and security among family and personnel.


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