3 DIY Projects Everyone Can Do


Whether you’ve already tried your hand at a little DIY or you’re a complete beginner, there are plenty of projects that you can do in your home. From the kitchen to the garden and everything in between, there’s simply no end to the amazing DIY projects available that require little more than a few tools, a bit of shopping, and some focus. Finishing a DIY project is always a fantastic feeling, and you get to improve your home environment too. It might be a little daunting to tackle your first project, but with a little patience and some care, you could find that it’s the hobby you never knew you needed in your life.

Clockwork Door Knobs

You don’t need a lot of materials for this project but it’s a quick and simple way to change the look of your bedroom doors. You’ll need to buy some clockwork pieces, unless you have an old watch sitting around that you don’t need. Simply open it up and take all of the fillings out, put them into a silicone cupcake tray, evenly distributing them to match the number of doorknobs you want to make. Then, simply add a little color pigment and some colored epoxy adhesives to finish. Before the resin sets, insert some bolts into the knobs, and wait. The end result is a collection of stylish door knobs that you can use anywhere in the house!

Industrial Shelving

You can never have too many shelves. While it’s easy to buy some and simply attach them to the wall, you’ll get a lot more satisfaction out of making them yourself, and the end result will be much more unique. Getting that industrial look is very simple! Some black metal piping and some repurposed wood can be combined to great effect but you will need a saw and a drill. Simply trim the ends of your wood down to size, sand it down to get the finish that you want, assemble some pipe brackets and then attach them to the wood. Quick and easy, you’ll be amazed by how good these can look.

The Antique Look

Many people hate having brand new furniture and prefer to have something that looks a little lived in. Turning wooden furniture into something that looks like it’s come from a different age is surprisingly simple, and all you need is some sandpaper, walnut oil, paint, and a brush. Tape up any sections that you don’t want to paint, and then sand down your wood so that it’s free of any paint or varnish. If there are any cracks or crevices, use your walnut oil to fill them up. Now, paint the furniture in your choice of color, and when it’s dried just start gently sanding. Use your walnut oil to stain the edges, wiping it off and reapplying until you get the distressed look. The end result is a piece of furniture that could tell a story.

DIY isn’t something that you need to call out a professional for. Make sure that you understand each step and then get to it. You might be amazed by how much just a little bit of work can transform your home.


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