The 3 essential components for an entrepreneurial venture


If one were to pool the most successful entrepreneurs together in the world, it would be fair to say that a group of contrasting individuals would be formed.

In truth – no entrepreneur is the same. Some are extroverts and love the public attention, while others go about their business more discreetly.

However, there are certain traits that seemingly define an entrepreneurial venture. In other words, if you’re about to launch a new venture, there are certain fundamentals that must be in place if is going to be a success.

We were analyzing the words of Rene Escobar Bribiesca recently, who happened to pick up on three fundamentals. While he also agreed that entrepreneurs will go about tasks in completely different ways – he indicated that there can still be a lot of similarities between new, successful ventures. Here, we’ll take a look at three of the fundamentals that he drew attention to.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a three step process

This point almost goes against the title of the article, but we’re actually referring to another three-step process that many believe is in place when it comes to entrepreneurship.

For those who are getting started in business, or maybe for those who are only just considering their venture, it can be easy to misinterpret what is expected.

For example, the three step process of opening the business, hiring employees and reaping in the profits is what some believe is the sure-fire way to entrepreneurship.

Suffice to say, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, these first three steps (and there are a lot more, we should add) are only the beginning. This is where your venture gets started – there’s never an endpoint and you should always be moving.

The ability to develop entrepreneurship

Next on the list is the ability to develop your entrepreneurial tendencies. Again, it’s all about the belief that your journey should never end – you should always be moving.

Let’s take the common example. If you were to ask all of your friends, there’s a very good chance that they would each have a different business idea. However, how many of them would actually move forward with that is another matter – the majority will be stuck in an entrepreneurial rut with no thoughts of progressing their idea.

A successful entrepreneur on the other hand will not only think of the idea, but look to structure and visualize it so it can become a working plan. He will have covered the practical elements of it – even if he doesn’t have experience in certain areas. He is constantly developing his entrepreneurship.

Maximizing the use of time

Finally, the other big fundamental that was focused on was a person’s ability to maximize their use of time.

This is something critical, particularly for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Time will most certainly be of the essence and being able to decide which tasks need to be prioritized could be the difference between success and failure.

Ultimately, deciding which tasks are going to be the most profitable is one of the key characteristics of anyone successful in business.


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