3 Incredible Careers That Will Accommodate Your Love Of Talking


When asked the standard interview question, ‘What are your strengths?’ a lot of people highlight the skill of communicating. While many people can whip up a concise and well-structured email, only a select few have the verbal communication skills necessary to talk confidently with executive level bods or present vital training to a staff team. It is the ‘talking’ element of communication that only a certain number of people seem blessed to have. It could be genetic, it could be innate confidence, or it could be learned. In any case, those people who simply love a good old natter seem to be the people who go furthest in their careers because of their ability to communicate with a variety of different audiences. If you adore talking, take a look at these careers that will have you chewing the ears off the people you work with.



If you are something of a polyglot or are simply fluent in a second language the world of interpreting will welcome you with open arms. By hiring some translation equipment online, setting up a nuanced professional blog and marketing your services astutely, you could set yourself up as a freelance interpreter. One day you could find yourself in a roomful of foreign businesspeople acting as the middleman between them and their English counterparts. Another day you could be translating keynote speeches at the UN. And you could spend another day transcribing a report into your second language. There is no doubt that you’d spend your days verbally communicating with a variety of people.



If you’ve always fancied standing in front of a roomful of youngsters with a thirst for learning, then teaching could be the career for you. You’ll need the specialist skill of imparting knowledge in a way that helps many different types of learner gain a deep understanding of a topic whether this is igneous rock formations, the life of William Shakespeare or the intricacies of trigonometry. You could end up working with kids as young as three all the way up to college-educated postgraduate learners. If you have the communication skills and the in-depth knowledge of a subject, you could be an exceptional educator.



We’ve all seen Law and Order and enjoyed watching the closing speeches of a case. If you have a persuasive tone and an engaging nature, you too could find yourself in the courtroom. The training is intense, and you’d need to head to college to obtain a relevant degree and complete many hours of training, but you could find yourself at the start of a lucrative career talking and convincing people of your way of thinking for a living. If criminal law doesn’t appeal, you could specialize in family law or litigation for businesses. Giving impassioned speeches will be your bread and butter.

If you love talking and more importantly, if you’re good at it, consider one of these careers to utilize your skill in the best possible way.



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