3 Signs Your Company’s Social-Media Strategy is Dead Wrong


Admitting a mistake is never an enjoyable experience. After all, the magnitude of a mistake is often less upsetting than the shame of taking responsibility for an error. Psychologically, accepting blame isn’t an easy thing to do. On the plus side though, sometimes a moment of clarity involving a big mistake can lead to positive results in the future. In fact, the most successful businesses aren’t the ones who don’t mess up; rather, they manage their missteps and learn from them. To that end, we’re going to examine how businesses implement social-media strategies –– and highlight three warning signs that will let you know something’s wrong and that it’s time for a change in approach:

Low Conversion Rates

At the end of the day, social media is a tool that businesses should utilize, but it does not produce profitable results on its own. What we mean by that is, no company directly makes money when someone likes, shares, or engages with one of their social-media pages. Companies instead need to use those opportunities to convert leads on social media into profitable sales. Having thousands of followers and friends online won’t do your operation any good if only a meager portion of that group decides to do business with you.

Poor Reviews

Negative reviews can occur for any number of reasons. However, a rash of customer backlash could indicate your social-media implementation isn’t working. At its best, social media should enable a business to communicate and engage with a customer. While it’s impossible to control exactly how those conversations go, proper social-media management will at the very least ensure you keep open lines of dialogue going with unsatisfied or upset customers. No, excellent customer service through social media may not completely eliminate bad reviews, but it can help mitigate some of their effects.

Little to No Engagement

Far too many companies merely view their social-media channels as places to dump content. This isn’t an intelligent way to garner leads and drive revenue, though. If you struggle to get eyes on your content, then it’s likely your social-media strategy is letting you down. Work to get the conversation started and consider branching out to new platforms. Social media isn’t stagnant –– nor can you afford to be.

The Bottom Line

Progressive businesses understand their customer base and use social-media efforts to great effect. So if your social-media content is coming up short, it could be down to a lack of knowledge about your customer base. If that’s the case, you may want to consider sending out surveys, interviewing current customers, or else contacting a company like Communications for Research for some outside help. Remember, the more you know your clientele, the better you can market to them.


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