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Whether your business is in its infancy or has grown to have hundreds of employees, the best way to optimize performance is by being as organized and as efficient with your time as possible. In this day and age, there are thousands of tech tools to assist you in streamlining this process. Some seem obvious, like laptops, Internet access, and a social media presence. However, finding the less obvious tools to fit your business can be a daunting task. The technological options available are as varied, so it is important to spend time considering what exactly would help your business prosper. Here are some of Modernize’s favorites to help manage your daily professional life.

Cloud Sharing

File sharing across employees can be an incredibly time-consuming process which only adds to your stress level. But this is a necessity for all businesses, so finding a way to fast track this process will be a definite boost to your productivity. When cloud sharing was introduced a few years ago, people began to take notice, and accordingly, the industry has grown exponentially. To help you navigate through these endless options and find one that would best fit your business needs, PC Magazine has compared ten of the best cloud storage devices.

Cloud Scheduler

While organizing your day to day activities is imperative, so is presenting that reputation to your clients. Some days it can feel like all you do is try to keep up with the overwhelming calls and emails to schedule appointments. Plus, you run the risk of appearing unprofessional the longer a game of phone tag continues. By integrating a cloud scheduler, like Genbook, your clients are able to create their own appointments online any time of day and immediate receive a confirmation email, and you are free to focus your attention on other pressing matters.

Password Protection Manager

Security is a crucial element for any business, but remembering a different, highly secure password for every online account you have seems impossible. For obvious reasons, a spreadsheet of these codes, whether in tangible or spreadsheet form, can be a huge risk to your identity of your clients and businesses. By utilizing a password manager, all your passwords will be stored in one secure system that inputs the appropriate information every time you log in. Life Hacker has put together a list of the five best password managers to help make you more organized.

Project Organizer

Especially when managing several projects with various employees, keeping up with exactly how each one is coming along can be a huge portion of your day. Streamlining this process will not only save you time, it will also increase transparency for all your employees by allowing them access to the project as a whole. Trello and Producteev are two terrific options that allow you to not only assign projects to different employees, but also track their progress, making sure that nothing gets missed along the way. This software is not only excellent for managing your staff, but also for yourself. By inputting your own larger projects, you can break them down into manageable steps, thereby making sure you meet your deadlines.

Social media management

Nothing has the power to make or break a business quite like that of social media. Therefore, it is important to keep your business’s accounts up to date with all that you have available for your clients and potential clients. It’s easy to have copious amounts of time eaten up be posting, tracking, and responding, but with the help of social media management software, this process can be streamlined by allowing you to post across platforms unilaterally. Many of these tools now offer not simply monitoring capacities, but an analytics component, as well; and the more you know about who is considering your business, the sooner you can turn them into an actual client. To help you determine which social media management tool will aid you the most, Brandwatch has composed a list of their ten favorites.



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