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All reputable companies require good management since its key to their health and welfare. Excellent management is essential to success in the current business environment which is highly competitive. Prudent companies use the services of executive headhunters for high-level, sales executive recruitment and other needs that are considered special. For more about Using Headhunters for Sales Executive Recruitment visit page.

You should view executive recruiters in the same light: experienced and skilled specialists who are able to spot the right sales executive to fill an important position on your management team. Although in-house human resource departments can perform executive search, it’s ultimately more expedient, effective and efficient to employ the services of an executive search firm. Executive recruiters are known to provide an extensive network of contacts, strict confidentiality, negotiation experience, objectivity in evaluation of candidate and expertise.

· Executive recruiters are known to observe strict confidentiality

A company with an opening in its executive rank is vulnerable. Whether an already existing position needs to be filled or a new position is created by market opportunity or downsizing, the process of hiring should be strictly confidential. Confidentiality will keep competitors from getting tipped off to new products, management shake-ups and market initiative and may also safeguard sensitive data they become privy to in the search process. Executive sales recruiters are respectful and are acutely aware of the vulnerability of their clients.

· Executive sales recruiters are able to tap into global networks of contacts

Top notch sales executive talent is a rare commodity today. The wider net cast by sales executive recruiters’ network (a transitional search more so calls for the abilities of transitional search organisations) cannot be compared to the contacts of in-house human resource department which is limited. The right candidates for the job are already enjoyed. Majority will only deal with a recruiter. They value the worth of third party confidentiality, representation and professional mediation. Hiring senior candidates is complicated and is best done by a discreet professional.

· Executive recruiting firms bring feedback and objectivity to management

Executive sales headhunting is not only time consuming but also a very sensitive process. Recruiting firms are able to assist clients review the relevant company structure and reporting, and also define realistic profile and compensation package for open position. Executive recruiters give advice to their clients and objective feedback on candidates. As specialists in reference checking and research, search organisations can glean important data from even the most reluctant reference-givers.

· Sales Executive recruiters are cost effective

The advantage of using executive search firms may be weighed against the cost of preparation and execution of recruitment/advertisement campaign, screening and qualifying the right candidates, and operating with no required employee for extended period of time compared to relative insurance of getting the most qualified candidate of the job. Using an executive recruiting firm is an investment in the improvement of the quality of a company’s managerial might. However even beyond that, the risk of failing to use executive recruiting firm is huge.

For small firms- in which the mistakes of the recruiter may lead to disastrous results- sometimes it’s very important to use executive recruiters than for corporate giants. Recruiting an incompetent worker who makes wrong decisions may cost organisation huge sums of money- or even its existence. More than ever, sales executive talent is at its best and may make or break an organisation’s fortunes. Sales executive recruiting firms will deliver the best.

· Using Smaller organisations

Does working with smaller recruiting firms safe? Are their services the same level as that of giant multi-office firms? Are there any benefits of working with solo recruiters?

Executive recruiting field remains extremely fragmented. A few of big retainer’s organisations are popularly known but only have about a quarter of the market. The same condition prevails in contingency field. These big organisations don’t dominate the market the same way big six firms do, for instance. Even some of the organisations on the sales Executive Recruiter News 40 Largest list have less than ten each consultant. Much smaller in the norm.

· Benefits of Small Firms

Smaller organisations proliferate in sales executive recruitment because they may be very effective operations. Majority of search professionals admit the quality of a recruiter is more significant to the client compared to the brand name of any organisation. Evidence to support this comes from the fact that when an executive recruiter exits an organisation, he often takes moist of his clients with him. Given this, the size of a company is far less important to the clients compared to identifying an individual sales executive recruiter with perseverance, energy, sensitivity and industry wisdom.

Quite a smaller number of the organisations are run by sales recruiters who previously worked at a larger firm. Majority of these executive recruiters have concluded that they can be even more successful working for themselves having benefited from training and experience they received while working at large firms. So it’s quite common to find smaller recruiting firms with very high entrepreneurial experts. There might be back office support and fewer systems, however on the positive side; you can receive more committed help. After all, your firm represents a much larger slice of the business’ total billings.

· Client Blockages

One benefit that smaller firms organisations can claim to have is that they have few client blockages compared to their large competitors. This may be critical for some searches where field of likely candidates is limited to your main competitors. While on average small organisations have fewer clients, they can be industry experts, in which case, their blockage problem can be just as great as those of larger organisations. As ever, it’s rewarding to inquire.

· Brand Names

Big organisations like to point clearly that their popular names give them an edge in attracting the attention of busy executives. While this might be the case on the margin, it shouldn’t be a prime reason to select one organisation over another. Smaller organisations often have very strong name recognition in targeted locations they serve.


If you are firm having a high level position that you want fill, it is worth considering hiring a sales executive recruiting firm like Stone Executive. The above reasons makes such firms the most efficient and effective executive recruiters.


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