Is There Any Point to Using Free Virus Protection Software?


A few years ago, Microsoft Security Essentials was released. This was a completely free Virus Protection Software product. For many, there was a genuine fear that Microsoft Security Essentials would put all other antivirus developers out of business. To date, this hasn’t been the case however. This is despite the fact that the program has come out as one of the best scanners around.

Microsoft’s antivirus product is just one of many free scanners, and there are many more. The question is, however, whether or not these free programs can be trusted with the security of our devices.

About Free Antivirus Products

At first, all free software was Open Source. This meant it was created by smart geeks as a hobby. They didn’t look very good, but they worked really well. However, what really matters in an antivirus program is that it updates regularly. This is why only those companies that actually have computer labs could ever come into consideration for a best antivirus 2016 award. For a scanner to truly be good, it has to not just run 365 days a year, it has to actually be up to date at all times. This means people have to work on it round the clock as well. It seems impossible for something that is free to offer this.

In today’s day and age, a lot of free antivirus programs are no longer Open Source. While there are still some very smart geeks out there who genuinely want to make the world a better place, the majority of free antivirus programs are now made by huge companies. Usually, they do this to attract people to purchase their full suite.

Examples of Good Free Antivirus Programs

A couple of known and respected free antivirus programs are created by Avast, AVG, Avira, BitDefender, Microsoft, Comodo, Lavasoft, Digital Defender, Emisoft, PCTools, Preventon and Returnil. If you come across a free antivirus program that is not on this list, you may want to avoid it. Unfortunately, there are quite a few fake programs out there, which means that you could end up downloading a virus that masks as an antivirus program.

Why Free Antivirus Exists

All businesses have a singular goal: to make more money. So why would these huge companies go through the effort of giving you something for free? Of course not. The free software is like a dangling carrot on a stick. The goal is for you to become so happy with what you’ve got, that you will pay money for other things as well.

What you need to be careful about are free antivirus programs from respected makers that are not actually full protection services. For instance, they may not update regularly, meaning that you may as well not have any security. Or they may recognize a virus, but expect you to pay in order to have it removed. It is vital, therefore, that you do some research into what your needs actually are, and how these can best be achieved.


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