4 Insurance Tips for Financially Conscious Professionals


Ambitious individuals in all industries have to deal with risk from time to time. Whether that risk involves taking on a difficult business assignment or putting your body on the line depends largely on your profession. Still, everyone needs to understand the benefits of comprehensive insurance coverage. Unfortunately, many people lack an in-depth understanding of how insurance companies operate. Therefore, to maintain your physical and financial well-being, it’s imperative for professionals to educate themselves on the the insurance process. Here are four tips to remember:

You NEED Insurance

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can get by without some form of health or life insurance, because it only takes one incident to put you behind the eight ball in more ways than one. There are better ways to save money than to forgo insurance –– so don’t play dice with your future. True, insurance is something you may only think about when you need it, but rest assured, we all need it at some point.

Insurance by Profession

If you have a cursory understanding of how insurance rates are determined, then you know insurance companies take a number of factors into account before producing a rate for an individual. In addition to age, gender, lifestyle choices, and family history, insurance companies consider your profession when forming a quote. What’s more, disability insurance can differ from profession to profession –– since different jobs require different levels of physical engagement. It’s one reason why disability insurance for doctors varies from disability insurance for airline pilots, for example.

You Don’t Have to Get Insurance Through Your Employer

It may be a wise play to go along with your company’s insurance program, or it may not, depending on your assessment of the plan. Remember, if you’re not satisfied with the insurance plan your employer offers, you don’t have to go along with it. You do have a choice to pursue insurance on your own terms.

Penny-Pinching Isn’t a Good Idea

Of course, no young, healthy person ever thinks they’re going to need to file an insurance claim. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and if you’re not properly insured, you may be left struggling to pay bills and make ends meet. Again, though it may be tempting to switch to the cheapest insurance program possible, that choice could come back to haunt you later on. As we mentioned before, it’s unwise to underestimate the impact your insurance plan could have on your life going forward. If you desperately need to cut down on costs, look elsewhere in your personal life to pinch pennies. Your future self will thank you.


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