4 Reasons DVDS are Still Relevant


The use of DVDs has decreased in recent years because of an increase in services that allow for streaming of movies and television. However, a recent article from Forbes argues that despite this drop in sales, these physical movies are still an important part of the economy, and will remain so for years to come. From the bonus features to the ownership, here are four reasons that DVDs are still relevant today.


For people who collect films, there is something appealing about having a physical copy of the movie. Companies are aware of this, and take great care to make attractive and unique packaging. Fans who are also collectors are often hard-pressed to pass up these unique collections. While it may be more convenient at times to watch shows or movies online, the packaging can be very appealing, making up for that inconvenience.

It’s Yours

One advantage to a DVD is that once have purchased a DVD, you can watch it whenever you want to. Many streaming sites are frequently removing and adding titles to the library. This means that just because a show or film was there recently, that does not mean that it still is or will be soon. DVDs allow for frequent re-watching of your favorite films or shows, without fear of it being removed before you were done watching. The other advantage of this is that it is much easier to display or loan out pieces from your film collection if it is in DVD form.

The Look

DVDs and Blu-Rays often have a better picture quality than other film sources. Companies like Burn World offer programs to help people convert their old VHS tapes to DVDs. This gives a clearer picture, while allowing these films to remain a part of people’s lives. Many of these are old family videos that were recorded on VHS tapes. Since these videos can be important to people, converting them to a clearer medium, like the DVD, is ideal. DVDs also have an additional perk over digital media. No matter what, they will look and sound wonderful, even if the internet is slow. For many people, this is worth the cost of the DVD. This quality is just one more reason that the DVD is still relevant today.

Bonus Features

While some films that have been purchased online do come with bonus material, many streaming services do not offer these features. For many fans of film, the bonus features provide hours of entertainment and learning. With a digital film, these might not be available. For many DVDs, however, there is an option to purchase an entire disk of special features. These special features can range from “Making Of” specials, commentary, and the original concept art.

From the bonus features to the personal ownership, there are several reasons that the DVD is still relevant today. With a clear picture and an appeal to collectors, the DVD seems like it is not going anywhere in a hurry.


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