4 Reasons Serviced Offices Are a Cost Effective Option


Time and money are everything in the business world. They also happen to be inextricably linked. So, often, when you have the one, you have the means of acquiring the other. It makes any resource which frees up time and capital very precious, particularly for smaller companies.

Whether it is cloud computing, automated invoicing systems, or flexible workspaces; there are all kinds of great ways to streamline your operation. Plus, when you link up with high profile providers, like Servcorp Offices, you get to enjoy some of the best rates around.

Keep reading to find out why serviced offices are a great option if you want to cut costs and minimise waste.

Smaller Overheads

While there are both direct and indirect benefits to working from serviced facilities, the biggest advantage is clear. You do not have any maintenance or utility costs. They are all included in the flat rate fee that you pay for the suite. There are no separate energy, lighting, cleaning, or broadband costs and this is a big deal.

It can save a company substantial amounts of cash each month. In fact, in some cases, as much as 75% of the cost of separate overheads can be saved. This is possible because serviced offices are provided on a custom basis. The idea is that you pick and choose the resources you need, so you never end up paying for ‘standard’ services which won’t get used.

Flexible Terms

There are significant cost savings to be had from the increased flexibility that serviced offices provide. Most facilities are happy to lease their suites for as long as tenants need. It means that, if you only want to stay two months, nobody will pressure you into a longer term. If you are not sure how long you need, contracts are available on a rolling, month by month basis.

Such flexibility is a huge asset for smaller operations and start-ups, which often lack the investment capital needed to feel truly secure during the first couple of years. They work with narrow profit margins and even small changes to the market can make things tight. Fortunately, with a flexible office lease, it is always possible to adapt to fit shifts and trends.

Minimal Waste

There are lots of facilities that companies pay for, but don’t actually use very often. Boardroom spaces are an excellent example of this. Often, businesses are determined to have high-end meeting spaces as part of their office package and later realise that the demand is more about appearance and convention than practicality.

If you know that you will only have big meetings a handful of times each year and can count on one hand the number of times you will need media equipment, don’t pay for them. Pick a serviced facility which has them on site, on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. That way, you get to pick and choose when you want to invest in these additional resources.

Access to High-End Support

Unlike virtual offices, serviced suites are private, and tenants do not have to share their resources. However, they are not completely isolated either, and this is very useful for startups and smaller ventures. You have the freedom to leave the privacy of your workspace and seek support from the provider, in the form of IT, secretarial, HR, accounting, and more.

There are a wealth of additional services to choose from, and they are all available at a low supplementary cost, so you only pay for what you need. When expanding into a new country, even an English speaking one like Australia, robust back office support is a major asset. Your provider will have information on everything from the best restaurants to the biggest local companies, great places to scout for talent, and regional laws and regulations.




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