4 Tech Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have Under Their Belt


In order to grow your business in this technology-driven world, it is important that you learn as many tech-related skills as possible. Granted, things like offering outstanding customer service and terrific products at fair prices will always be at the core of what you do, but being adept at technology can save you time, keep your important data organized and help you be as efficient as you can.

To help your company thrive and stay abreast of current trends, consider learning the following tech skills:

1. Become literate in accounting software

Rather than relying on old-fashioned paper ledgers or disorganized computerized documents, you should consider keeping your accounting data on computerized accounting software. In addition to having all pertinent financial information in one spot, accounting software can help you keep tabs on your expenses and cash flow, and create formal financial statements and invoices.

There are a wide number of accounting software systems to choose from. QuickBooks, for example, can handle the aforementioned tasks and much more. To learn how to use a program like this, there are a number of online tutorials on the QuickBooks website; you can watch these tutorials at your leisure, as many times as you like to become adept at using this technology.

2. Learn the value of artificial intelligence platforms

While you might envision artificial intelligence (AI) as robots who will one day be able to do our jobs, there is actually a great deal of AI tech that is very user-friendly, accessible and helpful in the workplace. Getting to know all that you can about this tech can help you save time and automate some processes in your company. For instance, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is the company’s third-generation artificial intelligence platform, and it comes with some pretty amazing features. For instance, the AI platform can learn your speech and voice patterns, thus turning your mobile device into a personal assistant of sorts that can learn and anticipate what you are going to do while at work.

3. Hone your digital marketing skills

Digital marketing is another tech-related area that entrepreneurs like yourself should learn about. From knowing how search engine optimization works and what keywords to include on your website that will increase your odds of being found in an internet search, to understanding the benefits and uses of customer relationship management tools, there is plenty to learn. To get started, check out Smart Insights, which offers free online courses that are designed to improve your digital marketing skills. The classes, which you can do from the comfort of home, cover basic topics like digital strategies as well as more specialized tactics like social media and email marketing.

4. Get to know HTML

Getting to know what commonly heard but often unknown terms like HTML and CSS mean is very useful for young entrepreneurs. Having a basic knowledge of the two key technologies for displaying web pages can come in handy when you need to update your site and/or fix issues with your online store. In addition, becoming at least somewhat fluent in HTML and how to code is a skill that is relatively easy to learn and highly useful. As for how to learn HTML, it’s easy to find online videos that teach the basics of HTML coding, as well as other videos on the topic on the popular website.

Never stop learning and success will be yours

One of the things you never want to do as an entrepreneurs is sit back on your laurels and decide that you know all there is to know. With technology changing and advancing so rapidly, it is worth your while to stay up to date on the latest tech, learning whatever you can about topics like AI, accounting software, coding and more.



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