4 Things You Can Do to Make Ads Stand Out


One of the main ways to earn revenue with a website is to display ads that are supplied by ad networks. Learning how to use ads effectively is also important if you’re an independent entrepreneur who is trying to advertise their own business endeavor, or if you’re a marketer trying to solicit business for a client. There are many reasons to use ads, but we all want the same results – for the ad to be noticed and hopefully clicked. The problem is, nowadays the internet is rife with information overload and with so many components on a single web page there’s a slim chance that anyone will take notice of your ad. If you’re having trouble making your ads stand out, check out these four simple things that you might be overlooking:

1. Use Banners

If you’re experiencing low conversions using contextual ads you might have better luck if you create a banner that will stand out more. Banner ads can stretch further and cover more area on the page, which makes them more noticeable. Plus, they generally have a wider selection of graphics that tend to impress more than a standard text box overlay. The art of using banner ads to increase conversion rates has been discussed by many marketing gurus, so this is definitely a skill you should try to add to your arsenal.

2. Take Advantage of Buzz Words

Buzz words are terms that catch attention. Many place emphasis on a certain part of the sentence or highlight the main features or benefits of a product or service. Ad experimentation can be a lengthy and challenging process, as there are so many different combinations you could go with. Ultimately, the wording and the formatting will serve as the basis for the ad, so those should be given the utmost priority during the ad development stages.

3. Follow Trends

Ads that relate to current events tend to get more clicks than general “evergreen” ads. On the other hand, evergreen ads have a longer lifespan because they don’t depend on current affairs, so there is a slight trade-off. Still, if you can come up with an ad that effectively targets a trend you’ll be in a much better position as an advertiser. You can use tools like Google Trends to find out which keywords and topics are hot at the moment and then try to incorporate those into your ads.

4. Study Placement

Finally, perhaps the most pertinent thing you can do to make your ads more successful is to study ad placement and run comparative tests to see which page areas facilitate the best results. Ad placement is an art form in and of itself and it’s something that the pros have mastered through repeated analysis. If you want to become a good online advertiser, this is one field of study you won’t be able to skip.

Remember That the Ad Itself Is the Basis

If the ad itself isn’t convincing, it won’t matter how many buzz words you use, how well the ad is placed, how relevant it is to recent trends, or whether it is a banner ad or not, you’ll still be seeing a low conversion rate. Thus, it’s advisable to start with solid material that you know is going to persuade prospects into considering what you have to offer before all else.


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