4 Ways to Enjoy Your Music More


Most people love music. Scientists have noted that listening to music stimulates the production of dopamine in our brains in the same way as eating does. We are powerfully drawn to it almost as a survival instinct. Our favorite songs can take us back to people and places that we haven’t seen for years, and the rush of discovering that new song that sends chills down your spine is truly amazing! Having a quality audio set up in your home can take your listening experience to the next level, making that feeling even better. So how do you go about getting the most out of your music?

Choose the right speakers

A lot of people rush out and buy speakers without a lot of research, and can end up disappointed with the results or spending a lot more than they need to. If you take a little time to research your purchase, you’ll end up with speakers that keep you happy for years to come!

The first question is what kind of listener are you? If you are fairly passive and not worried about sitting down to listen for a truly jaw dropping musical experience, then a pair of regular sized speakers should do the trick. If you do want said experience and you are likely to sit down exclusively to listen to music, then consider a pair of floor standing speakers. If you’re a music as well as a movie buff, then consider investing in a surround sound system. If you really like to experience bass sound, then you may want to think about investing in a subwoofer too.

Before you buy your speakers you’ll also want to consider where they will be positioned in your room so you know what size speaker you can reasonably accommodate.

Positioning your speakers

Some general rules of thumb for speaker positioning are:

  • They should be at the height your ears will be when you are listening. Consider if that is more likely to be sitting or standing height.
  • Lay out your speakers so that they play the length of the room.
  • Don’t stack things in front of your speakers as this will ruin the sound!
  • Try to leave space between the wall and the speaker, as this will improve the sound.
  • If you have a subwoofer then place it at least 30cm from any corners, this prevents echo.
  • If speakers are placed on a shelf or desk, put them on a layer of foam or similar to prevent the surface from reverberating.

Choose an amp

The job of an amplifier is exactly what it sounds like, to amplify the source sound that is picked up by your speakers. Using an amp should mean that you get a crisper sound as you won’t need to have the volume turned up quite as high, which can cause distortion. You will also need an amp if you are using certain kinds of inputs, for example if you are using a record player.

The planet audio 1500 watt amp is a good bet for any audio set up as it allows you to install up to four 8 Ohms speakers per channel and it has the option of a variable bass boost.

Make time

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that you enjoy your music more, is to make time for it. Remember when you were a kid and you bought a new album, sitting and listening to it while poring through the album artwork and lyrics was all you did for the entire evening? Do that. You deserve to feel that excited about music again.


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