5 Business Setups That Will Inspire You To Get Started


When you first decide that you want to start your own business, you’ll probably be flooded with mixed feelings. First comes the excitement of starting something new, something you love, and something just for yourself. But you’ll often find that all of these positive and exciting feels are quickly covered up by fear. Because going into business for yourself is a big deal. It can also be quite intimidating when you aren’t experienced in business. You may find yourself overwhelmed and questioning your abilities to succeed – which can then impact on your confidence.

So, instead, you need to make sure that you can find some inspiration to help you get started. Here, we’re going to look at five different business formations that could give you the confidence you need to start off with one of them.

  1. Freelancing

A really great way to start your own business, without really feeling like you are starting your own business, is to freelance. Theoretically, your day to day work will feel very much the same as when you were working for a company. However now, you get to choose your working hours, your clients, and your rates. So yes, you’re totally running your own business. If you’re experienced and skilled in a job that can be done freelance, like writing, marketing, or designing, going freelance could be a great step into the world of entrepreneurship for you.

  1. Starting A Consultancy

Very similarly, you’ve also got the option to go into consultancy. Maybe you’re skilled or experienced at something that you can advise others or offer a service in? From business consultancy to interior design, there are a wide range of industries that you could do this in. If you know that you have authority in a set area or a real flair for your passion, consulting is a great business setup for you.

  1. Setting Up Shop

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Then, of course, you also have the option to setup a physical business in the traditional sense. Opening up a store, whether that’s in real life or online, is a great way to get into business. Either way, you can even begin to sell your wares while you’re still working full-time to give you the confidence you need to take your business full-time in the future.

  1. Opening A Franchise

If you want to reassurance that your business is likely to be a success from the start, going in for a franchise is a great idea. When you look for the best senior care franchises or even a fast food chain, you know that you’re going to start out with an established brand. And it’s that strong branding that can often make you feel confident as a new business owner, compared to building your own brand from scratch.

  1. Going In Big

Finally, you’re always got the option of going in big from the start. This means finding investors, setting up on a bigger scale right from the beginning, and really going all guns blazing to build your successful business. This can be the most intimidating of all, but if you’re really passionate about what you want to do, this has the potential to be a really great venture for you.



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