5 Clever Uses Of Tech In Modern Marketing


In days gone by, the only technology you would have in your marketing department was a phone, fax machine, and a printer. Things have changed – a lot – now, of course. Technology is driving marketing now and in many different ways. We thought we would take a look around the web today and find some fantastic examples of talented marketers using tech to gain an audience. Take a look and see what you think – perhaps you could use some of these ideas for your business?

5 Clever Uses Of Tech In Modern Marketing

McDonald’s Smartphone App

Ever enjoy a McDonald’s iced fruit smoothie? Many people do – and much more have now thanks to a small addition to McDonald’s smartphone app. They included a little game that gave customers a chance to grab themselves a free smoothie during the hot, summer months. Yes, they ended up giving a lot of smoothies away for free. But the point is that the app created more footfall into their restaurants and gave them an opportunity to upsell with other products.

5 Clever Uses Of Tech In Modern Marketing

LEGO’s Billboard Marketing

The classic billboard used to define an advertising campaign. And it still does today – but in many different ways. New billboards are driven by technology – take a look at LEGO’s Imagine campaign in action. You can see an incredible, creative take on blending LEGO into the real world – and it’s all down to modern technology.

5 Clever Uses Of Tech In Modern Marketing

Drone Movies

What do estate agents, vacation resorts, restaurants and car manufacturers all have in common? The answer is that many of them are starting to use drones in their marketing. Drones can add new perspectives to areas, and even give you shots for videos that would have cost a fortune before. If you are in a business where your location is critical, such as the tourism industry, drones can help you create incredible campaigns. They aren’t expensive, either. Look at any Syma X8C review online and you can see that drones aren’t just for businesses with big budgets. Think you could use some clever photography shots for your next promotional video? Then look for a drone – it might help your business stand out by a mile.

5 Clever Uses Of Tech In Modern Marketing

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been around for years, but it’s only recently the technology is being put to good use. Take the Displaced publicity campaign by the New York Times. It used virtual reality to detail the stories of children who are being displaced from their homes because of war. VR can really put you at the heart of a story – which is what marketing is all about.

5 Clever Uses Of Tech In Modern Marketing

The Ice Bucket Challenge

There was a lot of denial about the power of 2014’s Ice Bucket Challenge from marketers all over the world. But it got serious results. Using social media, the campaign took off in a big way and raised an enormous amount of cash for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. More than a million people took part and the campaign which raised well over $200 million. Could you use social media to increase awareness of your current campaigns?


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