5 Effective Ways to Prevent Click Fraud


Anyone who promotes their website using pay-per-click ads will need to know how to protect themselves from click fraud as effectively as possible. This is a very real problem for PPC ad campaigns, but the good news is that there are many ways to combat it. While you may not be able to completely eliminate the possibility of click fraud, there are multiple techniques that can be used to keep the risk of this problem to an absolute minimum.

Look Out for Strange Patterns

One of the most effective ways to go about preventing click fraud with your ads is to keep an eye out for any patterns in your analytics that seem strange in any way. This is not 100% guaranteed effective way to keep click fraud at bay, but it can be quite helpful. If you are getting a ton more clicks than you usually do within a very short period of time, chances are something is wrong.

Turn Your Results Over to Google

If you have picked up on a strange pattern that indicates click fraud, it is important that you immediately report all of your findings to Google and other search engines. By doing this, you will play a small but crucial role in combating click fraud. You will also help others to avoid dealing with the same problem in the future.

Utilize Social Media

When you use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for PPC advertising, you won’t have to worry about any third-party publishers. These days, a lot of people have started turning to social media for their PPC needs, simply because click fraud is far less common. It is still possible that you could encounter this problem, but it’s not nearly as likely because of the nature of these sites.

Pay Close Attention to Visitor Engagement

Another one of the more effective means of minimizing click fraud with your ads is by paying particularly close attention to visitor engagement. If the clicks you are getting are a result of some sophisticated algorithm rather than actual people, you will almost certainly notice it when you take a look at the engagement data.

Use a Professional Service

Perhaps the most effective click fraud detection method involves paying for a professional service. If you are serious about a lookout for this issue, it’s important that you take the time to look into some of the services that are available online. These services can help you boost your conversion rates as well as manage and track all of your ad campaigns in a single place. You should look at the money you spend on this type of service as a business investment.

Click fraud is the bane of many internet marketers’ existence, and it’s crucial that you take the time to find out how to catch it before it becomes a real problem. The more time and effort you put into preventing and detecting click fraud, the easier it will be to increase your revenue stream.



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