5 Great Business Ideas for Healthcare Professionals


If you work in the health industry, you know how demanding and time consuming health work can be. But if you are an enterprising medical practitioner, nurse, or doctor, you can still manage to start your own side business. And with your professional experience, an MSN online and a bit of elbow grease, running a small business is not only easy, it is profitable as well.

More importantly, having a side business will not interfere with your career. So, if you are interested in making such a move, here are 10 great business ideas for healthcare professionals.

1. Private Nursing Practice

If you are a nurse, have you ever considered opening a private nursing facility? And don’t worry; you do not need a master’s of science in nursing online from, say, The University of Arizona to operate one. Even a regular nurse (RN) can run one effectively. So, who will you be caring for in your facility?

Well, most patients get tired of visiting a hospital repeatedly to receive nursing care during their recovery. They would rather pay you to offer more personalized services. But if the need arises, please refer them to a physician for more specialized care. Never fall into the trap of assuming the responsibility of a physician.

2. In-House Nursing

Unlike in a private nursing practice where patients come to you, with in-house nursing, you go to them. This is because such patients are usually not well enough to leave their homes. But, they are not so sick that they need admission to a hospital either.

Working in a patient’s home is different from working in a hospital setting. It is more personal in nature and requires some traveling, especially if you have many clients. And yet, it pays more so you will find the extra trouble worth it.

3. Writing

Today, people are more health conscious than ever before. And to supplement their knowledge, they are reading medical books. Unfortunately, the average individual has a difficult time understanding the complex medical language found in most books. But as a medical professional, you can bridge this gap for them.

You can write about medical issues in a language that is easy for them to understand. And you do not have to limit your writing to books only; you can write for blogs, newspapers, and magazines. Having your own successful blog or a bestselling book will make you good money – maybe even a fortune.

4. Selling Medical Supplies

Medical suppliers often hire medical professionals to sell medical products and devices. After all, who can better vouch for a product than a professional who has experience using it? As a medical sales person, you promote medical supplies such as stethoscopes for use in health facilities. You also sell those meant for home-use, such as blood pressure and blood sugar monitors.

5. Tutoring

If you are a doctor or nurse who loves teaching, you can supplement your income teaching students at a nursing school near you. Although a tutor’s pay is not high, you will be imparting your professional knowledge on the younger generation.

The demands of a medical profession should not stop you from starting your own side business. You sell medical supplies, write, work as a tutor, or open a private or in-house nursing practice.




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