5 Reasons Why Content is Still King in 2017


With the growing interest in video content and other forms of online marketing, it would be easy to believe that written content is going out of fashion. The reality is that with the growing use of mobile devices (over 50% of internet access is driven by mobile devices in 2017) accessing written content is easier than ever. It continues to be an excellent marketing tool for businesses too.

Here are 5 reasons why content is still king in 2017.

1.      Provide Tips and Opinions Faster

Depending on the bandwidth you’re accessing the internet with, you may not have a fast connection. In which case, accessing a video even at low resolutions takes some time to load up before it can be viewed. The viewing time for the average YouTube video is over 7 minutes, so it takes a while to learn what the presenter is describing and to digest it. If you need to watch the video more than once, the time gets doubled. It’s not easy to jump just to the part of the video that you wish to re-watch, unlike with an article where you can skip to the relevant paragraph quickly and efficiently.

2.      Some Topics are Better Explained in Writing

It depends on the topics being covered whether it’s best taught in a video or illustrated in an article. When running through a list of facts or figures, a numbered list or a visual chart is often much easier for the human brain to understand quickly when compared to a presenter talking through the points and not being able to see them.

Even with video advancements, with the greater number of people going online to find information, content is there to provide solutions to people seeking them. Just take a look at contentinjection.com to see which topics are popular with visitors.

3.      Google’s Getting Better at Showing the Best Content

The Google search engine didn’t used to be that good when searching for information. There were a lot of instances where the results were poor quality and not that helpful. In the last few years, Google has done a much better job of showing relevant results on the first page for different searches. They also are using natural language parsing and artificial intelligence to better understand the meaning and purpose of a search to provide more relevant results. The history of past searches helps Google understand what you’re really looking for with the next search you make, which leads people to recently published articles and blog posts that it deems most relevant. This could be mean more site visitors for you.

4.      Cheaper & Easier to Produce

Paying for an article to be researched and produced is less expensive and faster to produce than an ad campaign in local media or a professional 20-minute video production. Written content can be commissioned, delivered, edited and published in a matter of a day or a week depending on the schedule which is a faster turnaround time than most other forms of marketing. Content marketing is cheaper and quicker in most cases and remains effective for brand building and link building too.

5.      Quality Content Rises Above Weaker Articles

The search engines are also getting better at understand well written articles from ones with broken English and incomplete sentences. The usefulness and relevance of articles is verifiable now. Google also performs manual checks on popular web sites to check the validity of their content, ensure that it is original (not copied from another website) and offers a great experience to the internet user. If the site fails to pass this manual, human check, then it gets marked down, falls lower in the rankings and doesn’t receive as many visitors in the future. As a result, quality is rising to the top more than ever.

Content is an excellent way to market a website, a service or a product. It is faster and easier to produce than other forms of marketing like a video or an infographic. It’s also very affordable too.


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