5 Remarkable Ways for SMEs to Increase Customer Loyalty


Customer loyalty is the key factor of success in every business. However, most of the companies fail to achieve large loyal customer base due to various reasons. The changing customer interests and tastes, the emergence of new businesses, and lack of creativity in product portfolios are acting as some of the biggest challenges in achieving a quality customer base for businesses. But, the significance of loyal customers is that it provides continues and quality business along with new customers in the form of referrals or recommendations. Here is a number of ways to increase the customer loyalty, which is significantly useful for SMEs.

  1. Excellent Customer Experience

Customer experience is a crucial area where most of the loyal customers either created or lost. A recent survey conducted by VisionCritical showed that customer experience would be the major differentiator in customer base creation by 2020 by surpassing price or product quality. It shows where the future is directing, and businesses across every sector started offering unique customer experience to engage their customers and make them loyal to the respective brands. Customer service is the single biggest contributor to a flawless customer experience. The other factors like response in social media, addressing their concerns, consulting with them to get their thoughts on services, and more can be utilized to advance it further.

  1. Reward the Customers

This is a great way of making an excellent relationship with the customers and convert them to be loyal to the business and products. Gifts, exclusive offers, customer discounts, and more can take the business close to their heart and lead to a wonderful journey of collaboration. It gives an impression that the company is valuing its relationship with the customer. Also, it attempts to provide value to the products and services. Therefore, the right mix of the reward options can make an excellent base of loyal customers.

  1. Give the Customers a Brand Feel

Most customers love branding, and in today’s world, branding is essential for every business. It gives an identity to the business and makes the communication to customers easy. Many customers have the brand affinity irrespective of the product type, and businesses that have the identity as brands can get an increased business and loyalty from the customers. SMEs can start their branding journey by choosing the set of branding tools for small businesses. It includes a unique logo, themed web pages, social covers, brand analytics, and most importantly uniform service. It would also make the marketing campaigns of business much easier.

  1. Connect with the Customers

A vast majority of the people love businesses connecting with them once in a while and trying to probe their concerns. It gives a feeling that the company is interested in doing business with them and consider them special. It is an option to introduce new products that can fit the needs of the customers in the best way. A reminder to festival shopping or an update about any offers occasionally can give the effect of connecting with them. However, it should be a careful approach of not connecting with them too frequently. Additionally, the communication should be a right mix of new products, offers, information, asking suggestions, and more.

  1. Innovate in Key Metrics

Businesses can choose this option to add more customers into their product fan base. Focusing on key metrics can provide a uniqueness across the industry, and that would give upper hand over other products. For instance, if businesses start focusing on giving products with the highest quality, it is a clear differentiator for customers to stay with the products. Bring some innovation in the quality and purse for the best, the result would be outstanding. At least trying for innovation in one area can make a huge difference: value-added services, unique delivery channels, diversified product portfolio, unique payment options, and more.


Today, customers have thousands of choices due to the internet evolution and countless players in every industry. Therefore, overall consistency is the principal factor every business should ensure throughout their process.


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