5 Things Men Should Have in Their Closet


Whether it’s dressing smartly for work or a more casual look at the weekend, it’s always good to feel stylish and fashionable. There’s a range of things to add to your closet to help you maintain an effortlessly cool, sophisticated look in whatever situation you find yourself in.

1.   A good coat

There are several different kinds of coat you can purchase to match your personal taste, so make sure you look around to find the perfect fit for you. Long, sleek coats are a popular look at the moment, and work well with any business attire you might choose to wear to the office. They also work with a more smart-casual look, too. Bomber jackets are still popular choices for men for a more relaxed styling choice. These look great paired with jeans and a nice jumper or t-shirt underneath.

2.   Gilets

Similar to body-warmers, however gilets fall more closely under preppy stylings. They have been popular over the winter-season and look wonderful as casual attire when paired with a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt, jeans and work boots. A Merino Wool gilet is a wonderful addition to your closet, the material being wonderfully soft and comfortable on the skin. There are many other materials available, however, so finding the perfect gilet for you is possible.

3.   A good suit

A suit is perfect for a professional setting such as your office, but there are many other occasions that require a quality suit such as weddings and other formal events. It is important when buying a suit that you find one that fits properly, as baggy blazers and trousers that drag on the floor look dreadful. If you can afford it, it is worth finding a good tailor who can give you the perfect fit. If not, take time in finding the right one. Suits can transform you into a suave, charming gentlemen that can make an impression on colleagues, clients and general members of the public when you’re out on the town.

4.   A decent selection of casual clothing

Mix up your selection of t-shirts, jumpers, trousers etc. Jeans are great casual attire which will never be unpopular, but don’t be scared to introduce other casual trousers into your closet for variation. Knitted jumpers are a winter style choice that has been popular over recent years, and is unlikely to go anywhere so it’s worth investing in them. For your professional attire, you might not have as much opportunity to show your personality via your clothing. This is why having a good selection of your casual, weekend clothing is an opportunity to have fun with your style and let your personality shine through.

5.   Good shoes

This is practical as well as being fashion-conscious. You should always own at least one pair of smart shoes for work or formal occasions, but no matter what you wear daily they must always be well-made shoes for your comfort and value for money. Having a broader selection of footwear, however, will help keep your look fresh and stylish.

Keep these 5 items in your closet, and don’t be afraid to clear it out once in a while to make way for fresh styles.


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