5 Things To Consider When Designing A Home Office


Working from home is more popular than ever before. Recent research found that over 5% of Americans currently work from home, and this number is expected to increase even more over the next decade.

But there are some downsides to working from home – and one of the main ones is not having a proper office space. Luckily it is entirely possible to set up your own office space, even if it is just at the kitchen table.

Are you setting up an office at home? If so, here are five things to consider.

The Equipment

Different business owners have different requirements, so you should think about what equipment you really need when you are getting set up. It is very likely that you will need a laptop or a computer, but you might not need a printer if your business is exclusively online (and you contact customers using a newsletter or social media marketing).

There are also lots of useful tech tools you can take advantage of, including interactive audio video set ups from interactiveaudiovideo.com. This is ideal for business owners with a remote team that they regularly video chat with, as they can use the tool to arrange presentations and useful visuals.

The Ergonomics

It is also very important to consider the ergonomics of your office. Some chairs and desks may look cool, but if they aren’t designed to be comfortable, they can cause health problems. After all, you will spend at least 30 hours a week sitting in your office, so over time, an uncomfortable chair could cause lower back problems that persist even when you aren’t working. And that isn’t all; poor lighting can cause you to strain your eyes, which can cause migraines and blurry vision. So look after your body by investing in high quality, ergonomic office furniture.

The Privacy

Think about privacy when you are choosing a space in the house to work. Working from home can come with lots of distractions, and this can make it hard to stay focused – and this is even worse if you constantly hear people around you moving and talking!

So find a room in the house that is peaceful; avoid working next to a main road if you don’t have high-quality double glazing, and don’t choose a room that your children frequently hang out in.

The Layout

Finally, you should set up a workspace with a well-organized layout. Make sure to invest in some storage options, such as drawers or filing cabinets, and find a set space for everything. For instance, you could use one drawer for invoices, and one drawer for business goals. This means that it will be easier for you to keep your workspace neat and tidy, which will help to boost productivity, and it also means you will always know where everything is. This will help to save time when you are working, as you won’t have to spend five or ten minutes looking for things every hour or so!


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