5 Tips to Maintain Your Die Cutting Unit


The enthusiasts of the craft world know which materials to choose for creating the most beautiful designs. They understand that compromising with quality is not an option to ensure the best creation possible. Many items and equipment come into play in this artwork. Among the machines, a die cutter plays a significant role in ensuring the most detailed craftwork. You can get these machines in digital or manual models that can cut through hardcovers, plastics, fabrics, and papers. If you own a die cutting machine, then it is important that you maintain it for better durability. This post will highlight some important ways of maintaining a die cutter.

  • Oiling

Whether you own an electronic die cutter or a manual one, you have to make sure that it is working smoothly. For that, you may want to use oil to keep it lubricated. There are bearing inside the machine that you want to keep smooth for performing their operation. In addition, you do not want them to corrode, which would then cause the machine to collapse soon. Use oil of the best quality to ensure that the machine’s components work for a long time.

  • Monitor the joints and bolts

You should also ensure that the joints and bolts in the unit are intact. If any of these are lost due to your carelessness, then it could hinder the working of the die cutting machine. Therefore, check regularly to ensure that each of these supporting units are tightly packed at their respective places. You might also be interested in learning about a Commercial Digital Die Cutting Machine.

  • Refill the lubricators of the air system

If you find the machine operational for a long time, then you should ensure that you are refueling the lubricators of the air system. Without these lubricators, the machine may not function properly. Thus, if you are ignoring the refilling work, then it may cause the machine to stop working overtime.

  • Check for leaks

You also want to avoid damaging the machine. For that, you have to check whether the machine is leaking from any of its places, especially the hydraulic leakage. You have to make sure that this leakage is not happening in your die cutter or it will cause the machine to malfunction. Instead of getting it repaired later, you can avoid this trouble by inspecting such leakages periodically.

  • Periodic servicing

You already know that a die cutting machine is not cheap. Thus, instead of purchasing a new one every time the old one stops functioning, you can get your current machine services regularly. Opt for the best experts in this field to help you with the servicing of your die cut machine so that it operates flawlessly for years.

Hence, you can see that your die cutter works efficiently if you are able to maintain its components. You want it to operate without any problems, which is why you need to check for any type of troubles that you face while using it and fix them.


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