5 Traits of Successful Women Entrepreneurs


Each woman who becomes an entrepreneur has her own motivations and her own story. Nonetheless, there are common characteristics and traits that successful women entrepreneurs share, including passion, determination, integrity, balance and resourcefulness. These important traits help shape the approach of a successful female entrepreneur, both in business and in her personal life. 


Taking on the role of an entrepreneur is hard work. Even so-called overnight success stories are more often than not the result of years of hard work and sacrifice. For a woman — or any entrepreneur — to remain committed to an entrepreneurial venture requires deep passion. She must believe in what she is doing. She must have fundamental, unshakable faith in her endeavor, not only to stay with it during the difficult times, but to attract supporters and potential customers as well.  


Successful women entrepreneurs persevere in the face of adversity. This does not mean to barrel ahead in oblivion to circumstances that demand careful consideration, if not actual redirection. It also does not mean that she is rude or disregards the positions or needs of others. What it does mean is that when obstacles inevitably present themselves, that she has the confidence to determine how to overcome them. She has the character needed to do what needs to be done.  


Except for a fortunate few, entrepreneurs must often function with limited resources. This is especially true for women entrepreneurs, who traditionally receive less outside capital funding than men. The concepts of resourcefulness and bootstrapping are inherently associated with entrepreneurs. They learn to make the most of the resources they have. The word waste does not exist in a successful entrepreneur’s vocabulary — male or female. However, female entrepreneurs often draw on experience they have gained in stretching household budgets to make the most of the dollars and equipment they may have in their entrepreneurial ventures.  


In some circles, success is associated with ruthlessness and a willingness to cut corners and bend the rules. However, truly successful women entrepreneurs understand that long-term success does not leave a trail of victims in its path. She understands that long-term loyalty is developed by demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness. At the same time, successful entrepreneurs — both male and female — speak out against misinformation. They call out debunked reports such as the so-called Amway scam pointing out the legitimacy of direct sales as a valid business model.


Successful female entrepreneurs work hard. However, they also understand the value of balance. Just as they put in long hours at the office or at the manufacturing plant, they also set aside time to recharge their batteries. They reconnect with family members and friends. They understand that burning themselves out with overwork ultimately defeats the purpose of becoming an entrepreneur in the first place.

Traits of a Successful Female Entrepreneur

Ultimately, the traits that make a female entrepreneur successful are traits that are shared by all successful entrepreneurs. Passion about the entrepreneurial venture, resourcefulness and determination in the face of adversity, and honesty and integrity in both personal and professional conduct are essential traits for both men and women.  

Both men and women who achieve entrepreneurial success understand the necessity of at least occasional downtime. In other words, a successful female entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur, period.



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