5 Ways to Improve Your Business Delivery Service


A business delivery service is about getting your product to a client’s home. Not only is it of great convenience to them, but also of value to you. See, if you get it right, it reflects well on your business. As a result, you gain your customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. But get it wrong and you lose both your clientele and, ultimately, profits. Here, therefore, are ways to improve your business delivery service.

1. Get the Customer’s Address Right

Getting a client’s address wrong is not only embarrassing but also detrimental to your business. The fact is, delivering late or not at all is bound to lose you a client, for it portrays your business negatively.

To avoid making this mistake, use address validation software. It formats a customer’s address properly and prevents the postal service from any mistake during the delivery process. This way, deliveries always make it to the right destination and at the right time.

2. Install and Efficient Delivery Service System

Leaving a delivery service to your employees is to court disaster. They may or may not do it right. It is your responsibility to install an efficient system right from the order through to the delivery. So, think through and double check everything yourself. Where possible, use step-by-step checklists to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

3. Use GPS to Track Your Fleet

Efficient fleet management is impossible without GPS tracking. Knowing where each vehicle lets you optimise the route each will follow. This efficiency reduces fuel costs. It also gives you an estimate of the time of delivery, which you can then relay to your clients. Your drivers also drive better because they know that you are monitoring them.

4. Keep Clients Informed About Their Delivery

Keeping your clients informed about their order’s delivery status is part of customer service. So, use texts messages or emails to inform them once you process and start shipping their order. Furthermore, give them updates on the approximate time of delivery.

5. Train Your Drivers

The driver, who is responsible for getting the package to its destination, is often the forgotten part of the delivery service system. They are the face of your business for they meet clients face to face. So, train them on how to greet, smile, and thank your customers in order to leave a lasting impression.

The next area of training is, of course, driving. How they drive determines whether the package will actually get where you want it to. Giving them free theory practice tests on a website such as TopTests (www.toptests.co.uk) is a good place for you to start. Check this site out if you want to learn more about TopTests driving theory practice tests.

Despite the benefits of a business delivery service, many entrepreneurs do not give it much thought. As a result, they end up being late on their deliveries or fail to deliver at all. Fortunately, improving this necessary service is not difficult.

Simply use address validation software to ensure you get the customer’s address right. Also, install checklists so that nothing is left to chance. Installing GPS tracking on your fleet to improve efficiency also helps, as does keeping your clients updated on their order’s delivery status. Finally, train your drivers on customer care and, well, driving.




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