6 Incredible Tools from Facebook to Powercharge Your App Engagement


Talk about app marketing and you cannot overlook Facebook – the top choice of all businesses for marketing their apps. Reasons abound as to why Facebook is the perfect platform to market your app. Not only does it give you an immensely wide audience, but also lets you target your ads to a select demographic, thanks to Facebook groups and communities. Facebook analytics let you monitor the trajectory of your campaign effectively and to top it off, Facebook advertising is cheaper than most conventional methods.

There is a bevy of online tools available that make Facebook app marketing simple, but to begin with, Facebook just makes it so simple for app marketers with its own set of tools readily available with the Facebook SDK, that you don’t need anything else. Take a look at 6 ways you can increase you mobile app’s engagement and reach out to more users with Facebook:

  1. Add Facebook Login to Your App to Solve the Login Wall Conundrum

Every app maker agonizes over the login wall. You know well that the ‘Sign Up’ page hurts your app and makes users abandon. But yet, you want them to log in and provide that information so you can customize your content and target your ads. Well, Facebook solves your worst FTUE nightmare with the flick of a hand, literally.

By adding the option to log in to your app with Facebook, you make it super easy for users to sign in to your app. Most users are already logged in to Facebook on their mobile devices and since you already have the user id, and usually the password too, all they have to do is click ‘Sign In’ and they’re on-board.

When you use Facebook Login on your app, you get access to the public profile of the user that includes their name, cover image, link to their Facebook page, gender, time zone and friends list. As an added benefit, you also get to know the user’s age range, though not the actual age. All this knowledge let you personalize the user’s experience and increase engagement.

  1. App Invites Make User Acquisition Easy and Fun

User acquisition on your mind? Why not get your existing users to help? Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most powerful endorsement tool and Facebook’s App Invites tap into just that.

When people come across a cool new app they like, their first instinct is to want to share the app with their friends. That’s just human nature and Facebook leverages this psychology like no one else. It gives them one-touch access to invite the people in their friends list to check out the app. The simplicity of this feature encourages use and that in turn helps you not only add new users effortlessly but also expect your users to stay longer because it has now become a ‘group thing’.

  1. Facebook’s In-App Sharing –Because We Love To Share

Facebook has definitely revolutionized the culture of sharing, and while we don’t know how much good it does to the universe, it definitely works great for your business. Facebook’s in-app sharing allows users to post content from your app directly to their timeline, making their friends interested in using your app too, offering another rich opportunity for word-of-mouth recommendations.

Here’s how this works – if a user books a movie ticket through your app or books a holiday, they naturally want to share the news with their friends. When you have a quick ‘share to Facebook’ button in your app, it cuts their work in half and gives you an opportunity to feature on their timeline with something like – “Jonah is watching a movie this Friday” with a link to your app within the message. Chances are that a number of Jonah’s friends will click on that link to make their movie plans too.

And you know what’s great? You can use in-app sharing to direct users to specific pages within your app and not just the homepage. So you could take them directly to the movie listings or the booking page of a specific movie. So who’s bringing the popcorn?

  1. Facebook’s Analytics for Apps – Precision Insights for Your Business

At the F8 Annual Developer Conference in March 2015, Facebook challenged data science giants like Google Analytics, Flurry and Mixpanel. This was where Facebook presented Analytics for Apps, a service that lets you “measure, understand and optimize the interactions people have with your business to drive meaningful growth”. With reports on metrics like conversion funnels and retention curves, Facebook Analytics give you the insights you need to solidify your marketing efforts.

With invaluable data on your users and how they engage with your app, Facebook lets you build a better experience. And you don’t even need to have Facebook login to use this service. It’s absolutely free to all.

  1. App Ads – the Swiss Army Knife of App Advertising

Every app needs effective advertising to draw more engagement. Facebook App Ads just make the job easier and way more targeted for you. App Ads are more than just generic advertisements left out in the wild, hoping to grab the right eyeballs. Instead, Facebook lets your app show up like organic news feed content. It can show up as suggested apps, allowing users to like, share and comment on it, and even better, download it.

  1. Audience Network Helps you Monetize

Another useful feature Facebook extends to app marketers is the Audience Network. This is Facebook’s own ad network that helps you monetize your app. You can show in-app ads powered by Facebook, in your app and make money with it, by showing the ad as a banner or in other forms in your app. You can even try to present your app to the Audience Network, and they could help you feature it in other Audience Network apps. Overall, it is a great community to promote your app.


If you don’t already have a Facebook marketing strategy for your app, you urgently need one, and this post will help you utilize all of the wonderful features Facebook SDK offers to their maximum potential. The Facebook SDK is a highly reliable, secure and multi-faceted source to powercharge your app marketing efforts and helps you drive engagement, boost conversions and stabilize retention rates over a sustainable period of time.

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