6 Keys To Boosting Your Traffic With Images


Here are five simple methods you can follow that will increase the traffic your image is generating:
•    Keep each image tightly focused on the content around it. Images that make no sense in the context of what’s on the page don’t help your traffic.
•    Use a very short phrase that describes your image accurately and includes a keyword as an alt tag and as the file name of the image.
•    Instead of an alt tag you can use a long description tag (longdesc= instead of alt=).
Create a longer description accurately describing your image including a long tail keyword phrase you want to target.
•    Use jpg, gif or png files for your images because they can be viewed on any type of computer and mobile device.
•    Compress the file size of your images to speed up their loading time on your site.
•    Use professional looking images. Junky images hurt your credibility and can kill your traffic, click throughs and your sales.
The easiest way I know of to create professional images yourself is with the image creation interface at the link below.
With just a few clicks using their templates and image files you can have a whole range of images created for your site…

Check out this great video on how to Charge your Video Traffic


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