8 Reasons Why Your Next Gaming PC Should Have Dolby Vision


Gaming continues to push past borders never thought possible. Throughout the years, we see a constant flux of visual improvements and developments.

It started with simpler 8-bit graphics. Now, it grew further and further into a point where it is almost closer to reality. Current and next-gen consoles were among the areas that saw this change.

Part of this development was the introduction of HDR. With it, various games came to life with stunning visuals.

Newer games push on towards Dolby Vision. Especially with the release of the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. We will look at the leading reasons why you should have Dolby Vision on your next gaming PC.

  1. Enjoy Lifelike and Vivid Images

One of the benefits of Dolby Vision is that it gives you more vivid images. This comes in various aspects and elements. The first one that you would experience would be the brighter colors that it gives out.

The development of HDR technology paved way for displays to show a wider range of colors on screen. This comes to life thanks to the 12-bit color depth that Dolby Vision comes with. This allows the display to have 68 million possible colors rendered and projected.

This affects a lot of things on the visual scale. It applies to television sets and monitors that run with this kind of technology.

Dolby Vision is the next step to HDR and HDR10. This makes a laptop equipped with it steps ahead with entertainment.

  1. Prepping Towards Peak Gaming Experience

If you look at the benefits of Dolby Vision for gaming, it improves the overall experience. More so when playing games with stunning visuals and sound design. Here is why this is the case.

First, Dolby Vision provides sharper images. This also means that you can see visuals with far greater detail.

You get to enjoy the life-like visuals that cause the game to pop. This becomes evident when going through well-designed levels and textures.

It also helps in emulating the brightest and darkest points of various games. You have 40x brightness highlights for brighter and clearer images. This makes it emulate brighter blasts and explosions.

Meanwhile, you have 10x black levels for deeper shades. This factor makes areas like outer space look stunning and beautiful.

What this provides you with is a greater degree of immersion in gaming. Dolby Vision covers the visuals. Meanwhile, you can combine this with Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos one provides you with surround sound capability. This works well with FPS games and much more. It lends well to a fun, immersive experience that you can combine with gameplay.

  1. Optimized for Newer Game Titles

Consoles like the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X came into the market recently. Newer games push further towards better graphics that dazzle and immerse gamers. This also extends towards newer PC titles that push the benchmarks even further.

For laptops with Dolby Vision, you get the chance to try out these newer games. It lets you enjoy the sharper visuals that it provides. The interesting thing to note about this is that current games also benefit from Dolby Vision technology.

Games that run with 4K resolution work great with these laptops. It can still provide stunning graphics and a smoother run when playing them.

It opens up possibilities when you go for mods to touch up the game. Among these mods are specific ones that enhance graphics and textures. This makes older games look even better, pushing the experience even further.

A new title that you can test this out with is Cyberpunk 2077, which released recently. An older title that seems timeless but keeps getting unique textures and shaders is Minecraft. Despite its age, you can get mods that take lighting and color towards a whole new level.

  1. Works Great with Dolby Vision Monitors

Having control of multiple monitors for your laptop can do wonders. Especially with your gaming experience.

Do you want to carry over that same degree of graphical quality on a second or third monitor? You would want to get monitors or TV sets that have Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision TVs now appeared on the market this year with brands like Sony and LG among the list. Their TVs come with Dolby Vision support, alongside brands like TCL and Vizio.

Although it would still be best to check the full details and specs of each TV model. This way, you can see if they do come with Dolby Vision.

This way, you do not feel confined to your laptop screen. A second display brings out a lot of fun, especially if you want to view your game with a bigger screen while using a mechanical keyboard and a high-DPI mouse for faster responses. Make sure to have the needed cables for it to be sure.

  1. Streaming Sites Ready with Dolby Vision

Pushing towards the introduction of Dolby Vision’s high-quality image and vivid colors, several streaming platforms also went for the upgrade. This means you can watch movies and shows with stunning image quality on your laptop.

Among these platforms is Netflix. This video streaming giant gained renown for its original shows. It also boasts a massive catalog of movies and series.

Netflix’s library supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. With it, you get an immersive experience as you binge through their massive library.

Amazon Prime Video also supports Dolby Vision with their HDR streams. VUDU also joins in with their high definition content thanks to Dolby Vision. Disney+ also lends well to Dolby Vision with its crisp visuals in their shows.

  1. Cinematic Quality with Advanced Technology

We mentioned earlier how streaming sites like Netflix work wonderfully with Dolby Vision. If we go towards 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs, it gets even better.

Although you might need a drive that can read these discs to pull this off. If your laptop has a drive that can read Blu-Ray, you are in luck. Otherwise, you can still accomplish it with an external BD drive.

Method aside, you can see how images from these 4K Blu-Rays carry a stunning cinematic quality. You get the same crispness and sharpness that you would get when watching with a Blu-Ray player rigged to a home-theater system. With the right setup, your laptop can also behave in the same way where it brings in a theatrical experience.

  1. Automatic Adjustments for Better Convenience

What is the good thing about Dolby Vision? It gives you a more convenient approach to optimizing your video and audio settings.

PCs that run with Dolby Vision have that automatic configuration. It helps you get the best results for your picture and sound quality.

This also applies when you have Dolby Atmos on your laptop. Dolby Vision focuses on getting the best visual experience with better graphical quality. For Dolby Atmos, you get the best in sound quality, where it also helps with smart surround.

With both of these onboard, you can get the best immersion experience with your entertainment. Whether watching movies or playing video games. You don’t need to lift a finger as the adjustments come out without a hitch.

Lenovo laptops come ready with Dolby Vision. The Lenovo X1 Carbon and the Lenovo Yoga come with Dolby Vision support, especially new ones. If you already own one, you can check these steps out to get your laptop configured for it.

  1. Potential Battery Savings

One of the main factors in laptop batteries draining fast is on the display. Although the other factors that contribute to the drain vary due to user habits.

Laptop displays with Dolby Vision can drain far less battery. Knowing how Dolby Vision works with its capabilities, we will look at why this is the case.

You take advantage of this when you watch Dolby Vision content. With the automatic optimization on Dolby Vision PCs, you can save more battery this way.

Compare this with when viewing standard video content. Consider the way it enhances and remasters the image. It may also help due to how it approaches darker colors.

In the end, it still boils down to usage habits. For better results, you may want to check on other factors for your laptop. Among these would include the number of programs running, the cooling system, and shutting off non-essential peripherals.

If you want to enjoy a great experience with Dolby Vision laptops, it would be the best time to get one for yourself for the holidays as a gift to yourself. You can check out these Lenovo laptops to get started with your search for laptops with Dolby Vision.

Take a Step Further with Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision pushes ultra high definition further beyond. With newer games on the horizon, developments in technology push the boundaries further and further. We will see Dolby Vision in full swing in a matter of months as new titles pop up with another crazy experience.

Do you want to learn more about your hardware and how it can be better? Like with your monitor, you can make other aspects of your gaming PC. Check out our guides to learn what the best components for PCs are today!



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