8 Ways Installing a Tuning Box Will Enhance Your Vehicle


A tuning box is a small device which can be plugged directly into the engine. This small tool is used to improve engine efficiency as well as the overall driveability of your vehicle without changing its mechanics. While you don’t need special tools for installing a diesel tuning box, it is recommended to get the tuning chip installed by a professional only.

Tuning boxes are becoming more popular, not only because these boxes reduce fuel consumption and increase the engine power and torque, but also because these boxes make your vehicle more environment-friendly.

Here are 8 ways by which a diesel tuning box can enhance the efficiency of your vehicle.

1.     Increased Torque and Engine Power

The engine power is determined in horsepower and measured through the complex unit ft/lbfs. 1HP is equivalent to 33,000 ft/lbfs. Horsepower is measured by calculating the amount of total weight involved, the distance of travelling and the time to move that distance.

Torque is the measure of rotational force, in foot-pound. Engine power and torque form the foundation of your vehicle’s RPM. By getting a diesel tuning box for your vehicle, you will be increasing its RPM by boosting torque and engine power. In vehicles with turbo diesel engines, a tuning box can improve fuel economy and boost the vehicle’s driveability.

2.     Better Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of an engine entirely depends on the miles driven per gallon. A tuning box increases the engine power and torque of your vehicle, allowing it to drive longer distances while burning lesser fuel. Modern engines are designed to regulate regional emissions, suit different types of fuel quality and different climate conditions as well as air pressure. By installing a tuning box, the efficiency of your engine remains unchanged.

3.     Improved Driveability

People install expensive modifications such as regenerative brakes to improve the driveability of their vehicles. The problem with such installations is that they can interfere with the mechanics of your vehicle, thereby disturbing its performance and fuel economy. However, a diesel tuning box is not only cheaper and easier to install, but can also boost your vehicle’s driveability without changing its mechanics.

4.     Stress-Free, Smooth Drive

Tuning boxes reduce the need for maintenance of your vehicle after a long journey. With reduced fuel consumption, you don’t need to make frequent trips to the mechanic for changing engine oil, cleaning or other maintenance issues. Also, a tuning box allows smoother gear transmission and provides a stress-free driving experience, especially in urban areas.

5.     Reduced Throttle for Similar Driving Conditions

A vehicle’s throttle controls the air flow into the vehicle’s mechanics to regulate fuel consumption. Its key purpose is to control the speed of your vehicle. Throttle pushes more fuel for combustion into the engine to increase its performance and speed. Tuning boxes can reduce the throttle while not replacing it entirely. This way, a diesel tuning box helps increase engine efficiency and can decrease fuel combustion.

6.     Reduced Engine Noise

In small vehicles, engine noise is a sign of inefficient performance or failure of a mechanical component. However, engine noise is more frequent in heavily laden vehicles such as trucks. This is because heavily laden vehicles burn more fuel and require more frequent engine cleaning. When you install a tuning box, the need for cleaning your car’s engine or changing the engine oil reduces along with the engine noise.

7.     Variety of User Control to Suit Your Needs

Hi-Tech tuning boxes come in a variety of automatic or manual user control. If you drive your vehicle in similar conditions, you can choose the automatic tuning box which ensures regulated fuel supply. If you drive under different conditions, you can choose a tuning box with manual user control. These allow you to change the efficiency of tuning box according to the requirement.

8.     Increased Pulling Power

Do you use your heavy vehicle to tow boats, caravans or horse boxes? The pulling power of your vehicle is entirely dependent on its engine power, torque and tire pressure. A tuning box increases the pulling power of your vehicle by boosting its torque and engine power. People use various other options to increase the pulling power of their vehicles, however, a tuning box is more reliable and is fairly easy to install or even remove. As previously mentioned, a diesel tuning box does not alter the vehicle’s mechanics, thereby making it a safer option for increasing the towing power of your vehicle.

Tuning boxes offer all these benefits and more. When the options to make your large vehicle environment-friendly are less, opting for a diesel tuning box is usually the best option


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