A Full-Time MBA Offers More Than Just Classes


Prospective business students must remember that the MBA program one chooses is equally as important, if not more important than attaining the title of a Masters itself. The quality of the program and how well it prepares candidates for work in their industry of choice is what gives meaning to the degree; it is the program that provides them with the skills required to succeed in their future careers. Class work should reflect current business needs, and explore real-life scenarios so the academic side remains relevant. Furthermore, study should occur on a campus or in a location that offers business intensive extracurriculars and a culture where students can immerse themselves in their degrees – complete with networking opportunities and the chance to grow their ideas.

Waterloo, Canada’s start up city, is one of the best locations to pursue a full-time intensive business degree (especially a Masters), owing to the emphasis that makers, techies, and entrepreneurs in this area put on innovation and in seeing business ideas through.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics has its main campus here and encourages their students to step out of the classroom to add to their experience. For example, students may test their ideas out by participating in the Launchpad incubator program and take advantage of the Communitech hub known for its highly collaborative environment. Located in the center of Canada’s technology triangle, Waterloo has a strong financial service sector as well while being home to several leading-edge research institutions that students can get involved with. There is also the option of pursuing a full-time MBA with a co-op placement for hands-on experience. Alternatively, students may take advantage of internships close by or those that are offered internationally during the summers.

Full-Time MBA
Within the classroom, however, the school utilizes an integrated core methodology which further prepares students for the realities of working in the business world. Core facets of business are taught in a holistic way so that students emerge with the ability to tackle challenges and solve problems from multiple standpoints. The eight core areas include financial management, organizational behaviour, economics, marketing, business analytics, accounting, operations management and strategic management. This approach gives candidates a better understanding of the big picture for when they enter the workforce and begin to manage their future companies and organizations. It creates strong leaders that harness both expertise in their specialized area(s) while having enough working knowledge of how business decisions affect other departments.
There are many benefits to pursuing a full time MBA program in Waterloo including the chance to study at a reputable school located in an area that will inspire students to immerse themselves in their studies both academically and outside the classroom. When there are many attractive and prestigious opportunities presented to them, students are more inclined to make the most of their free time; they start to use it in a productive way that only brings them closer to finding the success they aspire towards post-graduation. What’s more, this breeds ambitious candidates that will only serve to improve the world of business.


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