Advanced SEO Techniques to Rank #1 on YouTube


YouTube is a great social media platform to promote your content among millions of users yet it’s not easy to get at the top. There are millions of people, businesses, and channels who are constantly working hard to get on the favorite list of viewers. But how do you do that and why should you think of YouTube as a major platform? Here’s your guide.

How YouTube Can Benefit You

In the present world, YouTube has become much more than just a source of entertainment and social media. There are several video channels who have monetized their services through their videos and are earning good profits. How? It’s not rocket science!

You make some informative video on a popular topic that users are searching, then you make video on it and upload on YouTube. It receives high response from users and they subscribe to your channel. Soon after, you offer paid content through your videos, for instance, coaching or online lessons on some topics. Well, that’s it! You give paid content, put some ads, and earn good money!

This collection of tips from an seo company in Los Angeles will help you get there without compromising anything.

  1. Using Keywords in Title of the Video

The title of a video is the name by which one can realize what is inside your video. That’s the reason having a descriptive title which flawlessly matches to the content in your video will be well disposed to your viewers. Furthermore. It will help to  rank it at the top and for optimization. So think well and give the most reasonable title to your video.

  1. Descriptions of Your Video

The initial 2-3 lines matters a considerable measure to rank your video high in search engines, hence compose a description that fully describes what it is all about along with the keyword. You can give a short depiction in 2-3 line which covers the topic of your video and what will be inside the video. You can likewise utilize Google’s autocomplete tool for keyword phrases in your video description. In the event that the sought keyword is coordinating in initial 2 lines of your description, then video will likely get higher ranking in search results.

So compose video descriptions astutely with the goal that it can coordinate the keyword targeted. These play a very major role in Youtube SEO.

  1. Name Your Video Before You Upload It

You have made and optimized your video and it is prepared for uploading on YouTube, however, you named your video something mov001.avi or xyz_name.mp4. Well, that’s not right. You need to ensure that you rename your video with your_keyword.mp4. Giving a name to your video as the focus keyword actually tells the search engines what’s inside your video. Internet search engines can’t find out by looking inside video content, but it’s the file name which tells them what your video is about.

Having video document name as your video title encourages internet searchers to effortlessly index video and eventually it gets higher ranking. So it’s best put your main keyword into video document name.

  1. Adding Closed Captions to the Video.

Close captions play a great role in making your video more visible. Using them will demonstrate your content over the video which encourages the viewers to comprehend your video description, title, and can be converted into various languages, uploading transcript. Subtitles or transcript contains the content of information disclosed in your video and YouTube’s new algorithm consequently changes over your voice into transcript which makes it less demanding to understand it or you can simply compose closed captions if your video doesn’t contain voice.

  1. Labelling and Keyword Research.

Labels are another imperative approach to rank higher in YouTube search results. You can utilize different tools available for keyword research, which enable you to observe right labels to be utilized with your video. These tools additionally demonstrates your ranking for specific keywords

In any way, it’s your video which is most important part and must be engaging enough to lure visitors. Follow these tips from SEO experts and you will find it easy to optimize your videos on YouTube.


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