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In little over two decades, Bartercard has gone from strength to strength. It was established in Australia and is now used by more than 55,000 companies in six countries. Bartercard plans to have 100,000 companies registered by 2015. If an organisation is interested in becoming involved in this highly effective and very popular Barter System, here’s how Bartercard works:

Sign up

It doesn’t take a long time to sign up with Bartercard. By telephoning 0800 840 6333 or submitting a contact form with all of the relevant details, a member of the team at Bartercard will get in touch. During this phone conversation or email exchange, it can be discussed about signing up to this Barter System.

Decide what will be sold

After an organisation has been accepted, it is then able to sell its goods or services. The money that is made through Bartercard is classified as Trade Pounds which can be earned in any way. An organisation should decide which services or goods they will sell on Bartercard. If it manufactures goods, these can be sold and many Trade Pounds can be earned. There are 700 categories which an organisation can be listed under. By carefully looking through them, the right one will be found. Consequently, when searching under a particular category, an organisation can be tracked down.

Goods and services can be sold to any company

There are no limits regarding which companies goods and services can be sold to. As long as they are registered on Bartercard, an organisation can sell its goods to another company that is on the other side of the planet.

How payment is sent

When both the buyer and seller are satisfied with all goods and/or services, they are paid in a similar way to a Direct Debit or Credit Card transaction. A message is sent to an account confirming that payment has arrived where it can then be accessed. Consequently, an organisation won’t waste any time whatsoever on checking the balance of their account. Notifications are typically sent via email. As a result, the owner of an account can find out with their smartphone that funds have arrived and can then be used to pay for services or goods. This is convenient when trading with a company that is in a different time zone because there is no need to contact them via phone which can accrue additional expense.

The goods that are bought on Bartercard can be sold for money

Once goods have been bought on Bartercard, they can be sold again for money outside of this website. If high value goods are sold on Bartercard for far less than what they are actually worth, an organisation can sell them at a better price. A catering company could purchase a keg of beer on Bartercard which can then be sold to festival goers. If it was inexpensive, a catering company can earn a lot of money in their native currency courtesy of this Barter System.

How does Bartercard Work?


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