App-Y Days: The Benefits an App Can Have On Your SMB


Your website should be properly optimised to work on all devices, according to research more sales are now made on phones and tablets than laptops and computers which is the first time this has happened. However, as important as a properly optimised website is, you could go a step further and having an app created too. This is incredibly useful for small and medium-sized businesses who want to get ahead, it is quite literally a way to get your business onto the phones of your customers. Once that app is installed onto their phone it means that your company’s information, products, and contact details are all accessible at the click of a button.

Apps Will Build up Your Brand

As a smaller or newer business, you are likely to lose out to more established competition due to branding. Customers know that brands generally mean good quality, good service and that they will get what they pay for. It’s your job to build up your businesses brand so they see you in the same way since customers can be wary when it comes to shopping from places they don’t know. Along with things like a great logo, website, and smart marketing, an app will help you to cement your brand and makes you look trustworthy. Scammers don’t go through the hassle of creating an app, so when a customer sees you have one, it’s something that can build trust.


Easy To Contact You

Customers want to know that if something goes wrong, they can easily get in contact. Having an app with instant access to a contact form, email address, phone number or chat feature allows them to do this. It’s something of value to customers and something that could sway them into making a purchase with you.

Sets You Apart From Your Competition

A smartphone app is a brilliant way for small and medium-sized businesses to get ahead of the competition- but not for long. This is because, in the not too distant future, apps will be as integral to businesses as websites are today. This means that you have between now and then to get established and ahead of the game before your competitors catch up. Do your market research, find out what people want. You could spend a little extra on a company that’s experienced like and really knows what they’re doing, it should be responsive with stunning graphics and effects where needed.

If you’re a small business which has still not yet taken advantage of what an app can do for your business, now is the time to get on board. You could boost profits, and in some cases, it may even be the difference between success and failure. As a business it’s important to adapt to change, giving customers what they want and staying a step ahead of your competition.

Has your business got on board with an app yet, and if so what kind of impact has this had on your profits?


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