Apps to Jumpstart Your To-Do List


Your alarm clock goes off, and it’s time to get up and get dressed. Have you left yourself enough time to eat breakfast? No matter your answer, you’ll still have a busy day with which to contend. Case in point, you’ll likely:

  • Fight traffic to get to work, then attend a meeting or two before lunch.
  • Fight traffic on the way home before picking up the milk.
  • Take the kids to ball practice and dance recitals, then do a little paperwork before bed.

Is it any wonder the modern man is exhausted? Truthfully, how can one keep up with all these tasks in a single day and still keep their sanity? Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can help keep you organized and on top of your game. And, yes, they’ll remind you to get the milk, too.

Personal Assistant Apps

There are several personal assistant apps on the market from which to choose. Just check out the Google Play Store and you’ll find a number of them. Of course, there are the big names like Google Now, Cortana and the new kid on the block, Samsung’s Bixby, all of which can be accessed on your smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy S8.

How can these apps help organize your day? Well, they each feature voice activation, allowing you to create notes, schedule appointments and set reminders. These apps can also tell you about traffic conditions on your morning and afternoon commute, as well as remind you to pick up milk when you get close to the supermarket.

Note-Taking Apps

Need to get your thoughts down while performing other tasks? Note-taking apps can help with that.

Evernote allows you to take notes in a variety of ways. In fact, you can turn to your smartphone’s camera, audio features and note-taking features to dictate important reminders. These notes can then be shared with a team, with the ability to sync to your laptop, desktop or tablet for future access.

Another worthwhile to-do list app is Post-It Plus, which allows users to snap photos of paper post-it notes and organize them digitally. There are, of course, many other apps to handle note-taking; it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Communication Apps

For those who need to collaborate on a regular basis, there are several apps to help with communication and cut down on the number of emails needed to complete a task. For example, Slack allows users to send:

  • Group and private messages
  • Inline images and videos
  • Rich link summaries
  • Project notifications

Of course, this kind of communication and project management tool comes in handy for cross-departmental collaboration or even to have a quick chat in the middle of the day.

Meantime, Sunrise, a calendar app, not only keeps track of your to-do list, but also automatically lets you join conference calls with fellow colleagues. You’ll even see a photo of fellow participants, which can be pulled directly from their social media profiles, on the app’s dashboard.

Apps to Eliminate Distractions

The hustle and bustle of the day can get anyone’s nerves ratcheted up, but there are apps that can cut down on these distractions. Noisli offers soothing sounds, such as rain and a fan, to help you relax and block out the sounds around you. A little Netflix on your lunch break may help you relax as well.

Other apps focus on the screen itself by darkening everything, except the app currently in use. WriteRoom, JDarkRoom and JediConcentrate are all apps that can perform this function and allow the user to focus only on their current task.

All that goes into a regular day can be overwhelming at times, but with these aforementioned apps on the market, organizing each day into smaller blocks can become a breeze.



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