Avoid Fakes This Holiday Season!


We are in the midst of December. While this may be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also one of the most stressful times too! Especially if you have kids. Little ones often have high hopes, and you can find yourself run off your feet in search of all of the items on their Christmas list. However, in amongst all of the mayhem and chaos, you can find yourself absentmindedly picking up all kinds of items that aren’t what you’d originally intended. While this may result in odd mistakes here and there, it’s absolutely essential that you take the time to take a proper look at any items that are intended for use by your children. Why? Well, unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who intend to make a quick buck fraudulently. The consumer market is awash with fakes and knock off goods at all times, but their presence significantly increases throughout the festive period, as people are more likely to pick up products where they are being misled to believe that they are saving a considerable amount of money. This can prove deadly or even fatal for kids though. Why? Fake goods haven’t been put through the same strict protocol and testing that other, legitimate toys and wares have been, so could pose health threats or hazards to your children. Here are a few to keep a particular eye out for!

Holiday Season


Lego is a favourite amongst children. Since the company started making the iconic blocks, over 400 billion bricks have been made. That’s around six bricks for every single person on the planet. So it’s not too surprising that people want to jump on the bandwagon and produce alternatives of their own. However, while Lego can be both fun and educational, it can also be dangerous. The bricks are often quite small and can thus pose a choking hazard to children who try to ingest it. Alternatively, the bricks can become stuck when kids place them up their nose, in their ears, or elsewhere. Legitimate Lego is produced by the original company who now take extra precautions to make the bricks as safe as possible. For example, lego heads now come with a hole in, so that if one is accidentally swallowed, the unfortunate child will have a better chance of still being able to breathe. Fakes aren’t likely to have put the extra thought into these items, which means in the wrong hands they could prove extremely hazardous. Luckily for us, there’s information out there that can help you to differentiate a true Lego brick from a dud. Take the time to read the full info here.

Holiday Season

Crayons, Paints, and Other Craft Materials

Most kids are creative and will absolutely love getting a hold of pens, pencils, paper, paint, and whatever other craft supplies may be lying about. If your kid doesn’t already have a craft box, it’s time to start looking for one and filling it with goodies. However, it’s so important that you opt for child-friendly goods from reliable companies. Why? Think how often kids put things in their mouths. These items are likely to get in their hair, on their skin, and pretty much everywhere else in the vicinity of the craft space. So you need to make sure that all of the ingredients used are non-toxic and safe. Otherwise, you could find yourself taking a trip to the hospital. Items marketed directly to children are likely to be more mild and safe. Buying from renowned companies also gives you the security of knowing that the brand wouldn’t risk their reputation by selling you something inappropriate or potentially harmful.

Whatever you may be purchasing, it’s important that you check the goods’ legitimacy! This will keep everyone happy and contented.


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