Beneficial Break Room Beauties: The Essentials


Successful businesses have one thing in common: productive employees. When workers perform to a high standard, companies benefit in multiple ways. Unfortunately, it’s easier to preach than it is to practice. For years, organizations around the globe have been trying to solve the equation without any results. Luckily, Rezzable has stumbled upon the answer, and it’s the break room. Not only is it a place to de-stress, but it helps create a positive atmosphere. Now all you have to do is fill it with the right amenities.

Here are the essentials of a break room.

Coffee Machine

The vast majority of your workforce survives because of coffee. With enough caffeine surging through their veins, there isn’t a problem they can’t tackle. At least, that is how employees see it anyway. And, who are you to tell them otherwise? Rather than helping them with their addiction, you can further it for your gain. With a machine and free coffee available, they will be able to get their daily hit. Not only does this help with output, but it stops them from being late. People will line up at Starbucks for hours to get an (espresso) shot.

Lunch Tables

It’s incredible how many break rooms exist without tables. Yep, they just have chairs which circle the room like a shark circles its prey. Apart from the creepy marine vibe, there is no place to sit and eat. There is nothing less comfortable at work than eating soup out of your lap. What’s more, tables encourage people to socialize and bond. When a person sits down to eat, it is hard to ignore another individual sat across the way. With tables and chairs aplenty, a break room transforms into a social hub of happy employees. Well, aside from the grumpy ones who don’t speak.


To make sure the staff takes advantage of their breaks, you need them to forget about work. The more they stress, the less refreshed they will be when they return to their desks. Providing coffee and a place to sit and eat is a good start, but it’s only the beginning. Employers who value their workers use 11 Ravens and Home Leisure Direct to take the break room to the next level. When there is a billiards table and Ms. Pac-Man at work, no one will get overly stressed. Just make sure the games don’t have the opposite effect.

Employee Requests

You can stock the break room, or you can get the workforce to do it. No, they won’t load the room with old arcade games, but they will have requests. Just by letting them choose the features, you don’t have to worry about missing the brief. How can it go wrong if they are the ones who decide what to include and exclude? Of course, you will have to monitor the situation because their requests might get out of hand. As long as they aren’t too expensive and easy to obtain, it’s an excellent way to keep people happy.

In simple terms, a break room needs to be comfortable and entertaining with free food and drink.


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