Magical 3D Cloud Rendering Coming to a Cheap PC Near You Soon?

Otoy and Super Micro plus AMD are announcing what really seems like magic for 3D immersive online. If I got it right it means a cheap PC without a fancy graphics card will be able to stream 3D immersive content dramatically faster, better.

Mar 19, 2010According to the Otoy press release the service will improve user experience "through server-side rendering – which involves storing visually rich content in a compute cloud, compressing it, and streaming it in real-time" . This could increase capability on mobiles as well.  I can see how that might work for the visuals, but how will that impact concurrent physics activity? Is this a real uplift or another fancy/expensive way to burn up bandwidth?

And if Google's big as a gig internet mega-speed service really can rollout what would that combination look like?

And what about the new 3D Televisions? Samsung has them and Dreamworks is already making blu-rays to play on them. Guess we will need to make and 2nd trailing camera for avatars soon to capture 3D online in real 3D.

So buckle-in for a lot of expensive equipment coming down the line and a lot of opportunities to make them do something cool enough.