Building Brand Identity: 7 Simple Ideas


Building your brand’s identity is something that you must do if you’re hoping to gain success from your business. Customers and clients who view your premises won’t even remember the name of it if you can’t build your brand properly. There are all sorts of ways to craft that identity, and none of them are particularly difficult to implement. However, without the right knowledge and preparation, you might be making any number of mistakes. Here are a few ways to build your brand’s identity successfully.

Marketing Resources

Firstly, if you’re planning to showcase your brand, you’re going to need adequate marketing resources. This includes making things like leaflets, brochures, and even business cards. You’re going to want a professional logo created in advance. Also, it’s very important that you’re up to date with website and social media implementation. You need to give people as many ways as possible to find out that your company exists. If they want to find you by searching on Google, you’ll need to have an established web presence. Without these resources, you’ll find that customers will struggle to remember the name of your company. Crucially, they’ll probably give up and go to the competition if this is the case.


Building Brand Identity

Marketing Strategies

Resources are one thing, but you’ve got to have the right marketing strategy in order to get the most out of them. Whether it’s a case of advertising via social media or standing out on the street and handing out leaflets, you need to do preparation. Think about your target audience and what you’re hoping to achieve. You should ideally have this all planned out in advance before you even get started with the business. Over time, it’s important to analyze how your marketing strategies are doing and tailor them accordingly. If your social media output is effective but your website isn’t, take this advice and figure out what’s important to be focusing on for now.

Branded Supplies

A great way of maintaining professionalism as well as building brand identity is to stock branded supplies. You’ll probably need a dedicated company to provide you with what you need. This company can equip you with USB sticks, lanyards, and anything else you might want to use. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an office or a retail store; they’ll act as a constant reminder for customers, clients, and employees. There’s no way of forgetting the name of your company if it’s showcased all over the place, even if it’s just a quick glance from time to time! You could even set up a lanyard ID card system for visitors, so they are required to wear them for tours around the office. They definitely won’t forget your company if the name of it is emblazed around their neck!

Building Brand Identity

Competitions/ Free Handouts

Running a competition is a great way of getting your brand noticed. Everyone likes free stuff, and they don’t really care who’s giving it away. The best thing is that you’ll be grabbing their attention automatically by running the giveaway. Without even realizing it, they’ll start to put you in the back of their minds. They might even end up browsing your website or coming into your store and buying goods. In some cases, you’ll have to have to wait months for their custom, or it may never come, but you’ll be making your brand more recognizable in the process. The same formula goes for giving free handouts. If you’ve got something particularly excellent to show off, don’t be afraid to offer free samples. It might just be that extra bit of marketing you need to entice people to buy into your company.


If you’re struggling to get your name heard, sponsorship can change that in a very short amount of time. You can sponsor local sports teams with the potential of thousands of people seeing your brand on shirts or arena signage. Local fairs and events are always looking for companies to give sponsorship, and this is great if you’re a locally-based company. Again, most of this comes down to what type of operation you’re running. If you’re primarily web-based, don’t be afraid to sponsor something in another country! If you want to grab the locals’ attentions, aim for something in the near vicinity.

Building Brand Identity

Building Design

It doesn’t matter whether you’re customer-facing or not; a good building design is a key element to your success. Even if you rarely have visitors, offices need to look sharp, professional and brand-orientated. You can put a logo on the building to showcase who you are, and you should always be incorporating brand-related designs as decorations. This is especially the case if you’re running a retail store, as you need to stand out to grab that custom. Everything is important, from the type of color you choose to the fonts on your marketing material. Always include your logo in as many ways as possible to remind people of exactly who you are.

Be Creative

When considering all of these factors, you need to be creative. Don’t be tempted to design something that looks similar to the competition’s efforts. Think about whether you can draw attention by creating something like a catchy tagline. If you can do this, it’ll stick in your customers’ minds and help them to remember you in the future. You don’t want to build an identity that seems boring and dull, but don’t go over the top either. You want to find a good balance that appears attractive to people who want to invest in your services. Tailor it to suit what you’re selling, and don’t be afraid to try changing it up from time-to-time if you don’t think your design is working.

These are just a few ways of building brand identity, and there are plenty more to think about. Whatever you do, make sure you do extensive preparation before you start trading. Having something like this is crucial if you hope to succeed in business. Of course, providing a great service is also necessary, or your brand will develop the wrong kind of identity!



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