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Social media is the phenomena of our times and has wholly changed the way people communicate, consume information and even decide what products they are going to purchase. With over 1.7 billion people registered on Facebook, over 500 million registered Instagram users and 313 million Twitter users; social media outlets are home to an extensive percentage of the world’s population.

Social media, if utilised effectively, can have a hugely positive effect on your business. Below is a list of ways in which you can use social media outlets in order to build and promote your business.

Employ social media experts to run your social media accounts

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Ensure you have employees within the company with experience in growing social media accounts for businesses. If you do not, employ social media experts to run the accounts. Although this may considered as an unnecessary expense, if you are looking to priorities the use of social media to grow your consumer base, it will be an expense that is wholly worth it in the long run. Give yourself the best possible opportunity to meet company goals regarding the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. by employing people with necessary expertise.

Set social media targets

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Create weekly or monthly social media targets to work towards. Utilise social media analytics compiled by big data processing frameworks to set realistic goals for the company accounts. Set targets for social media engagement, number of posts per day, number of followers etc. Working towards achievable goals will give your social media team an incentive to push the company accounts to new levels each week.

Customer insight

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Due to the incredible amount of people who utilise social media on a daily basis (350,000 tweets are sent out every minute), outlets such as Twitter and Facebook can be effectively used to find out customer information. This information could include what their opinions are of your company; what they are interested in purchasing online; when they are more likely to purchase products on – for example, at the end of the month – and what they like and dislike about rival businesses. The aforementioned information will allow you and your company to effectively tailor your business in accordance with what consumers are interested in.

Create a friendly company reputation

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The rise of social media has given companies a fantastic opportunity to create a friendly reputation for themselves through positive Twitter and Facebook engagements with customers. Utilise this opportunity to converse with customers and answer any queries they have quickly and in a friendly manner. This style of interactions with customers will undoubtedly create goodwill for your company.

Utilise paid advertising options

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Although social media outlets can be used as a free promotional tool for your business, in the first few months of your company’s social media accounts life cycle, it is essential that you make use of the paid advertising options that are available. These will lead to exponential growth in the first few months of your venture into social media.


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