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It can be difficult finding work these days but if you’re short on cash, you could always try starting your own business. Most businesses take a lot of pre-planning and a huge amount of capital before you can start earning good money, but there are a few businesses out there that you can start almost immediately. Here are a few businesses that you can use to get some quick cash.

Networking Services

You can actually take advantage of the difficult job market to make some money for yourself. Networking Services are becoming more popular these days as a way for people to make connections that can help them find some work. It is an easy business to start as the overheads are quite cheap and you can get a quick turnaround. You will only need a phone and a computer to get going. You can hire out a small venue and put together some events that people can use to network. You’ll make your money from charging admissions fees for the events.



Cleaning is another easy business to start up. You just need a few cleaning supplies and a car. The best way to get a cleaning business going is to use old fashioned advertising techniques. Flyering and business cards get cleaners most of their work but you should also look at using social media as well. Another good way to get yourself your first few jobs is to ask friends and family if they need any cleaning done.



If you’ve got a van, there are always people looking to have things moved about. Even if you don’t, buying a vehicle is a very small start-up cost for a business. There are lots of different options available for you if you have a van from office relocation specialists, to removals and deliveries.

Computer Repair/Troubleshooter


Computers are big business these days. Most of us use one on a regular basis but the majority of us have no idea how they work or what to do if they go wrong. If you are lucky enough to be trained in fixing and troubleshooting computers then you could stand to make a lot of money. This is a very simple way to make a lot of money without any start-up costs at all.

Handyman Services

Handyman services can cover a whole range of services so you have a lot of opportunities for getting work. You could offer small fixing services and gardening, but if you are looking at doing larger scale work you will need to be qualified. Make good contacts and always be polite to customers to ensure that you win repeat business.

Hosting Foreign Students

A good way of making easy money without much effort is to host foreign students. They will only stay for a few weeks at a time so if you don’t get on then it won’t be a long term issue. You can earn up to £200 a week hosting students and it is a good way to help your kids learn another language. For a list of schools that offer foreign student hosting, click here.



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