Can You Actually Control Customer Loyalty?


Customer loyalty is more important now than ever before, and this is due to multiple reasons, with the most dominant being increased competition. There are just so many high-quality options out there today that simply being good at what you do is not enough if you want your business to grow. Customer loyalty plays a key role here as you need your “regulars” who will help you stabilize your business and spread the word. However, can you really control it?

Customer Loyalty

Is it possible to ensure that at least a portion of your customers return to you when they require your services/products in the future? The answer is yes, it can be controlled up to a certain extent. While there is no guarantee to be had here, here are a few tips that have been proven to work well when it comes to keeping the customers you already have.

The Reward System

The oldest trick in the book is still one of the most effective. Building a reward system can be done in multiple ways and you will find some of the most popular ones below.

  1. Employ a reward program which gives your customers loyalty points for each purchase they make, so that they can cash them in while making future purchases. This ensures that they have an incentive to come back to you again.
  2. Throw in a special discount exclusively for your regulars every now and then.
  3. Free merchandise is always a good idea, as long as it’s something that’s useful for the customer.
  4. Tie-ins with other businesses will allow you to extend exciting discounts and offers to your customers that go beyond the limited scopes of your business.


By their very definition, souvenirs are meant to be reminders of a particular place or event; so it only makes sense that you start selling them. Get some wholesale mugs and customize them to represent what your business stands for. Display them in a location where people can see the cups and mugs every time they walk in or out of your establishment. It’s brilliant because every souvenir you sell is marketing that you are being paid for, when it’s almost always the other way around! Do give them out for free on special occasions as well.

Build a Relationship

Do you know which people your customers spend most of their time with? It’s the people they are comfortable with; namely, family and friends. Most people want to be around other people with whom they find the necessary comfort zone and you can only reach that comfort zone with your customers through familiarity and personal relationships. If they feel that they know the owner and the staff, it’s almost certain that they will be returning to your establishment again. Get to know your customers, treat them well, be diligent in your customer service and you should see a lot of your clientele returning.

These are the basics of ensuring customer loyalty and you are free to build on them if you have any innovative ideas. While getting new customers is what makes way for growth, keeping old ones is what makes that growth sustainable for any business.


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