What Can You do to Keep Your Employees Happy?


Your employees are a hugely important asset of your business, without their skills, your organization would fail. Although it is important to maintain a business relationship with your employees, you also want them to know you value their work and their productivity. That is why it is important for you to make sure your workers are happy in their roles, and provide them the opportunity to speak of any greivances or aspects of the business which impact them negatively, and conversely, aspects of the business that they like!

Listen to Your Employees

If you genuinely want to know how your workers are feeling, you need to give them the opportunity to voice their opinions. One way to do this is to provide them with a survey to complete. In it, you can ask them what it is about the job that they like and dislike; you can even ask them if any areas can be improved upon. To encourage honesty in the responses, employees can submit their responses anonymously. You need to ensure that you spend time reading the survey replies, and act upon any areas that are identified as being troublesome. By taking action, you are showing your employees that you value their opinion.

Share Customer Feedback

Sometimes you will get a customer who will take the time to send you some feedback on your business’s performance. It is important to share this with your workers, especially if it praises the business. Tell them that it is their hard work that has led to this, and that you are grateful for their hard work. Similarly, you need to tell them about bad feedback so that they know what areas need to be improved.

Help them with Work Issues

Being approachable is important, especially for a small company. Your workers need to know that you will help them with any work-related issues. It is also vital that you tell your managers to be approachable and to help where they can. You do not have to commit to big gestures of help, rather it is the finer details that often make the most impact. For example, preparing your employees’ 1099 misc form in good time for the deadline to file their tax returns, is a small gesture but they will appreciate that you have thought about their other commitments.

Promote a Work-Life Balance

Everyone needs some time to relax, and your employees are no different, that’s why you need to help them strike a good work-life balance. Adapt working schedules so that some people can come in for later shifts and others earlier. Flexi-time is a great enabler of work-life balance, and it will allow your employees to be able to honor other out of work commitments less stressfully. It will generate a good morale in your teams and help build pride in the company.

By working with your employees and trying to understand their needs, you will help them to meet your business requirements. By keeping your team morale high among workers and management, you can keep efficiency and productivity up which will keep your company growing.



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