Your Closest Online Allies For The Success Of Your StartUp


Investing in good online tools is a necessity rather than a luxury in our ever increasing web-based business world


Last year, London experienced the biggest rise in small companies, having 500 startups for every 1,000 residents. With tech startups in the UK in 2016 receiving more investment than in any other European country, competition is fierce when it comes to the online business world. After all, tech startups represent the most common type of startup business in the modern world.

Whilst your business venture might not be a technology-related one, you still need to make sure your online presence is appropriate in order to compete in the modern climate. With the below tools, you will be flying through the net in no time.


Making sure you have a good internet connection in place is not only a wise idea but it’s a must. Having built important clients over the years and put in the hard work that you have in order to deliver to these is remarkable, but your customers will not stand the test of time if your internet connection is weak and it keeps ruining those conference calls or results in your emails not being sent when they should be. NetSpot can take care of that for you, by analysing, managing and fixing the wireless connection in your Mac. Say goodbye to low connectivity!


Who hasn’t heard of Skype? In the past, offices had to worry about high telephone bill costs at the end of the month, especially if they were in business with clients from around the globe. Managing your communications with offshore customers is now easy with the help of Skype, who provides instant messaging, calling and video-calling services for free if both users hold an account or at discounted rates if you need to call a mobile phone or landline in a different country. If you still haven’t got an account, make sure you register with the tech giant. It will make your communications easier and cheaper!


File-sharing is another aspect in which the internet has changed things for the better. You no longer need to rely on having large amounts of storage on your PC, laptop or phone if you have a Dropbox account, as the platform will store files for you and make them accessible from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection in place. No business is free from file-sharing, and if you have been wondering why the picture document you sent to one of your clients via email last week never got to them, it’s time to use Dropbox!


Name a business that is not listed on any social media accounts out there, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? Hard to think of one, isn’t it? This is because these days having an online presence also means having an account in one or more social media platforms. Whilst maximising your presence on these will mean you will expand your reach and be more noticeable on the web, it also means you will have a harder time managing your posts and analysing statistics. Hootsuite can manage these for you. The platform takes the form of a dashboard where you can have up to 100 social media profiles, post messages and engage in interactions. Through Hootsuite, you can also schedule posting, monitor your accounts and measure their growth over specific periods of time.

Google Analytics

What is the use in having a website if you don’t know how much traffic this is receiving? What is the point of having traffic to your website if you don’t know how much of this is regular traffic and how much of this results in sales? Don’t worry, you won’t need to do any of the counting, as Google Analytics will. This free analytics measuring application will let you know how many visitors your site incurs between given dates and due to its popularity, it is now the most widely used web analytics service on the whole net. If you don’t know where to start measuring ROI, give this a go! It will make your Monday meetings easier and less embarrassing.

The world is becoming an increasingly connected place, and no business has a chance of surviving if they don’t have a good online presence or online tools to carry out their everyday tasks, like communicating or file-sharing.

If you take your business seriously and would like for this to reach the online presence level you think it deserves, you no longer have to sweat in fear. Whilst the online world can be complicated to understand and too overwhelming to feel any comfort in engaging in it, the above are important and easy tools to make use of if you would like your company to reach its next level.


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