Consolidating Expenses Through Mass Production Of Parts


Using Statistics To Your Advantage

Understanding the value of bulk purchasing benefits from an example in publishing. When it comes to publishing, whether you’re going through an agency or sourcing your own books, there are ways to save via mass purchases. It costs a lot to produce a book, so oftentimes those who print them will offer specials based on how many books are purchased.

As an example, one hundred copies of a book may cost $300.00 to print. One thousand may cost $2,000.00. And ten thousand may be $10,000.00.  This is hypothetical, but you see the difference. The price for 100 copies is $3 per book. The price for a thousand is $2 per book. And the cost for ten thousand is $1 per.

When the size of the purchase is increased, then the cost of the purchase decreases. If you understand the statistics involved in your business’s own usage and production, you can maximize resources accordingly. Were you a publisher who kept numbers, and knew a certain yield of novels sold on a regular basis, you could cut your costs in half or more by buying in bulk.

When it comes to other methods of production, the same rings true. Whether you’re designing aircraft components, electronic components, or even automobile parts, you’re going to save money by going through an agency who will allow you to make bulk purchases of specific components required in production.

When you’re sourcing such a company providing things like stamped metal components for technology and other infrastructural needs, you want an organization known for their prowess in part design and delivery.

Integral Design For A Variety Of Components

Companies like Weiss-Aug Co. Inc. provide high-quality stamping solutions; according to, they are: “…a stamping company focusing on complex, high-precision and miniature high-speed stamping.” This means from automobile components to IT components to the aerospace industry, this organization makes perfectly-stamped parts.

The greater the quality of automation from organizations like this, the more cost-effective bulk orders end up being. That said, precision for small orders yet remains; it’s just they may not be as cost-effective.

It’s all going to depend on the needs you’re buying to support. If you only sell or produce a small number of finished products incorporating stamped metal, then a more expensive smaller order is irrelevant.

When it comes to business, you want to find ways that costs can be curtailed. Between taxes, factor X, human error, economic fluctuation, political trends, and technology development, you’re almost always going to have expenses crop up which undermine the reach of your profits.

While there’s no way to eliminate regular exigencies of life, there are ways to curtail impact, and those often involve cost consolidation sourced from astute analysis of statistical trends within your business.

Taking The Next Step

So have some internal research conducted. Look at your processes and determine where you can cut the costs of development. Find where redundancies exist and eliminate them. Find where profitable areas have been neglected and funnel resources toward them. Liquidate useless positions and upgrade with technology that overcomes antiquated solutions. Incorporate effective employee time tracking processes.

Have you heard of the Internet of Things? IoT processes are one of the means by which agencies like Weiss-Aug are able to source such precision solutions. Data can be continuously collected, monitored, and applied to operations through next-generation technology designed to integrate everything on the web.

If you want to remain competitive and maximize profit for outward expansion, you’ll need to be strategic in your research, development, manufacturing, and design. One component of such a process will naturally involve sourcing quality stamped metal components mass-produced and purchased in bulk. You’ll save money, increase profitability, and facilitate outward growth.

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