Cooking Up A Storm: Take Your Catering Business To The Next level


You may not believe us, but we know how hard you’ve worked to get your catering company to the point where it is bringing in a revenue. The early mornings, the late nights, the time and effort, the funds and the risk, we know that has been the secret ingredient to get you where you are now. All that effort is what is allowing you take it a little easier now. But don’t be afraid to move the goalposts slightly and set your ambitions a little higher.

You may fancy a little downtime to recuperate, but now is the time to strike, while the iron is hot. You’ve established yourself, you’re getting your name out, you have a solid customer base. Basically, you are on your way to becoming the big business you once dreamt about, and we have the tips, tricks and bits of advice to get you there.

Work On Your Professionalism

We’re not, under any circumstances, saying that you aren’t a professional already. What we are saying is there is always room for improvement. You’re in the catering industry, an industry where word spreads at the speed of light and one rumour of poor professionalism can hit your bottom-line. Make sure your staff have been well trained, you have great managers and everyone has been educated in the mantra of your company. Make sure your health and safety procedures are up to date. Start using specialist stockists so you know you are getting the best, whether it be ingredients, crockery, cutlery, cooking equipment, napkins, tablecloths or even uniforms. The other thing to look at improving is also your website after all that is going to be your first impression more often than not.

Have The Ability to Upscale

For a business to be able to grow it needs to be able to quickly and easily upscale and, in the catering industry, this can be done in a few ways. First off, you need to make sure you have all the equipment you need to upscale. This could mean upgrading to industrial ovens, it could mean you speak to a manufacturer of membrane keyboards to meet hygiene standards, and being able to keep up with deliveries. The other option available to you is having a pool of trusted contractors. A lot of catering companies these days have a wide range of employees that work both full and part-time, employees that get paid on a per shift basis. This means they will be able to call on more people should they need to upscale without increasing their overhead. Clever.

Offer Something More

The market is saturated. There are no two ways about it. And while you may offer more professionalism, or know event organisers, or have better chefs, you need to offer something more. It could be that you can offer flair bar staff to bring a bit of entertainment to the bar area, or perhaps even offer a pop-up coffee shop with a difference, that difference being Bubbleology. Maybe even waiters in the buff. Whatever it is, make sure you have something unique tucked up your sleeve. That is what will set you apart from the crowd and grow your revenue.



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