Could Drones Help You Soar In Your Industry?


Technology has transformed every industry in the past few years. We now shop online, order food through an app, and even use self-checkout tills. If you’d told us we would be doing that a few years ago, we wouldn’t have believed you. Yet, the transition has been so complete that we accept it without question.

In fact, more than that, we’ve come to expect the ease technology offers. In fact, if you don’t keep up in the business world, you can kiss goodbye to success. But, you probably already knew that. If you didn’t, you should. Any business advice will tell you that tech is the answer to success. But, what you might not realize is that there are some left-field options you could make ripples with.

We’re not talking about robots on the customer service desk. For now, we’re merely talking about gadgets like drones. Options like those found on are already put to regular use by those in fields such as agriculture. But, have you considered how drones could set your industry flying? If not, let’s look at how a few industries could make use of this addition.


Most restaurants make a significant portion of their money through delivery. But, to make this work, most have to pay for regular delivery staff and petrol money. And, if you don’t get a lot of orders, that could soon become unrealistic. Why not take a leaf out of Iceland’s book, and use drones for food delivery instead? As can be seen from this article at, Reykjavik have been using drones for food delivery since August last year. As well as potentially saving money, this stands to cut twenty minutes from waiting times. So, perhaps it’s time you set about considering how you could make this work for you.

Real estate

Technology has already changed real estate. Online capabilities mean pictures have more sway on potential buyers than viewings. As such, real estate companies have been focusing on stunning property images for years now. The problem is that these don’t offer a great deal of perspective. Hence, a couple could fast fall out of love with a property if it isn’t laid out how they imagined. With use of a drone, you could capture consistent and panoramic footage. Get this right, and you could even provide video walkthroughs.And, that could be all it takes to convince potential buyers.



In truth, retailers could make use of drones in many ways. Much like restaurants, delivery is an obvious idea. Drones can also help with security. Every security camera has blind spots. What’s worse, most thieves know about them. But, with drones hovering about, there won’t be anywhere for thieves to hide. Drones could also help you monitor shopper behavior and help you to improve your customer’s retail experience when they’re shopping with you. A drone could help monitor queues, as well as noting where shoppers spend the most time. And, all that knowledge is crucial for streamlining your processes.



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