Don’t Let Customer Transactions Slow Down Your Busy Business


If you work hard to ensure the smooth functioning of a busy operation – be it a restaurant, grocery store, art gallery, or any variety of small business which typically requires immediate transaction procedures – it goes without saying that one must keep their point of sale (POS) system updated and in good condition.

Whether your business totes a credit or debit card terminal, or both, it’s inevitably going to face a great deal of wear and tear. On a daily basis, you will (depending on the nature of the enterprise) see hundreds, if not thousands, of customers incessantly making use of the processing device your merchant service provider has allotted your business. While sanitation is always already an urgent concern for food handlers, in many cases, keeping an unsullied working environment tends to fall short when it comes to the area in which money is managed. Even if you’re not in the food industry, it’s vital to keep one’s POS station organized and sanitary ; maintaining a cleanly environment not only helps prevent the spreading of germs and illness, it ensures the comfort of each and every customer, so they’ll find themselves continuously coming back for more. Attending to cleanliness will also extend your device’s life expectancy.

In addition to hygiene, with each use of a POS system comes, no doubt, the possibility of profit, but the inverse of that outcome is, unfortunately, the possibility of error, system failure, fraud, and heady wait times. Incidents like this could not only create a long lineup and a bit of a commotion, but may, in rare cases, force one to close-up shop for the day.

For small merchants – whose services or products are nevertheless in-demand – it’s especially time to abandon the cash-only model, which too easily deters customers and forces many to desperately seek out the nearest fee-free ATM. Indeed, this model inhibits the possibility of both customer satisfaction, as well as dedication; it’s rare that people carry cash, and even more of an oddity when they go out of their way to carry it in order to pay for a particular item. Indeed, cash-only policies inhibit the growth of businesses.

Luckily, there are many options out there when it comes to deciding upon the POS that is right for you. Rather than seeking the services of traditionally larger companies, like Visa, Mastercard, and Interac – you might want to look into more cutting-edge providers, like Malaqy Group – a certified merchant service provider based out of Canada – this is especially true if you’re looking for a transaction processing plan that has no cancellation fees or monthly minimums, i.e., absolute transparency when it comes to billing options; additionally, lesser-known companies typically offer 24/7 technical support, lest an error occurs (though, on more concentrated or consolidated systems, this is less likely to occur).

Indeed, having a variety payments – ones are well-organized and efficient – is a key component in successful management, no matter the nature of the transaction. These factors, while they may seem minute or inconsequential on their own, can easily add up and amount to serious problems for business-owners. With the right experts by your side, however, your business will be well-equipped to handle a plethora of transactions in no time at all.


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