The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Instagram For Success


Whether you’re a business or simply an individual who wants to build a brand out of their own persona, using Instagram to help your success is never a bad idea. Social media is hugely important in this day and age, and Instagram is one of the most popular platforms that you can choose to use.

However, there are a few do’s and don’t’s of using Instagram for success that you should pay close attention to. Read on if you want to make sure you get this right!

Do: Choose One Specific Niche/Style

Start your Instagram by choosing one specific niche or style. If you scroll through Instagram accounts that have been active long enough, you’ll likely see that they have had multiple niches and styles before they landed on what makes them most successful. It’s OK to incorporate behind the scenes and bits of real life, but people will either want mainly fashion, mainly fitness, and so on and so forth.

Don’t: Use The Pre-set Filters

Most people use the pre-set filters because it’s easy. If you want your pictures to look better and stand out, download an app like Color Story that has awesome filters. Try to make your pictures as cohesive as possible!

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Do: Find And Use Natural Light Wherever Possible

Flash photography hardly ever looks good. Find natural light in your pictures and use it wherever you can!

Don’t: Over Clutter Your Pictures

If your pictures are cluttered, you’re going to take away from the main subject. Make sure you think about your background carefully. Oh, and never post with a wonky horizon.

Do: Use Quality Equipment To Take Your Pictures

Using quality equipment to take your pictures will help a great deal. While it is possible to start out using an iPhone or something similar with a good camera, you should consider investing for the best results. A Canon EOS M100 could be a good starter camera, but everybody has different needs so you’ll want to read reviews. Don’t forget, you may also want to purchase a ring light, white screen for your background, and other items.

Don’t: Post The Same As Everyone Else

Ignore what everyone else is doing and do your own thing. Posting the same as everyone else is pointless, whether you’re a business or a person. Come up with your own content and even make it a little weird.

Do: Experiment With Different Methods

Try out different methods to get engagement, likes, and follows. Figuring out what works for you almost never happens by accident!

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Don’t: Follow People Just So They Follow Back

One of the most annoying things ever is seeing that somebody has followed you, only to unfollow you in a day or two when they see that you aren’t going to follow them back. It’s such a shameless way to try to build a following and will not result in engagement. Follow people you want to follow and engage with people in a genuine way. The people who like your content will follow you, but it can take time to build up a huge following. It’s always better to take your time for better engagement!

Do: Post Consistently

Make sure you know the best times to post on Instagram and aim to post consistently. If you don’t post regularly enough, it’s too easy for people to think you don’t exist anymore and unfollow you. While you definitely shouldn’t spam people with your content, you do need to make sure you have a steady flow of it available. This is why planning your posts is a good idea.

Don’t: Ignore Your Analytics

Ignoring your analytics is crazy talk. Why would you ignore something that can give you such a big insight into what your followers like most and want to see? It’ll help you to create better posts in the future!

Do: Use The Link In Your Bio To Promote Specific Posts Or Pages

A clever trick is using the one link you’ll get in your bio to promote specific posts or pages. If you have a new blog post, for example, or a new product that you want to share. By simply telling people the link is in your bio, they are far more likely to click and read or make a purchase.

Don’t: Use Auto-Commenters or Follow Bots

You can tell the difference between spam/bot comments and real comments. For instance, there have definitely been occasions where Instagram users have posted about the sad passing of a pet only to get a spam comment underneath declaring, ‘this is awesome!’. Don’t do that. Very few people actually think that they are genuine now. Leave real, genuine comments on posts that you want to engage with. It’s a good idea to try to engage with your target audience (e.g. if you’re a fashion blogger, comment on other fashion bloggers), however, you can post where you feel is best.

Do: Focus On Engagement Rather Than The Number Of Followers

Sure, having thousands and thousands of followers can look pretty good, but if you’re only getting a handful of likes on your pictures, something isn’t right. You should focus on engagement rather than that number. As a rule, the more engagement you get, the more followers will come naturally.

Bonus Tips!

  • Craft awesome captions – make people care, and ask questions so that they answer rather than scroll past.
  • Consider creating a dummy account to see how pictures fit in with the aesthetic you’ve chosen before you post them properly.
  • Add a location to get more engagement.
  • Don’t have a private account.
  • Never post a low quality picture.
  • Don’t DM people.
  • Don’t post too many pictures in a row. One at a time for the best results.
  • Anybody can transform their Instagram account into a business account, even influencers. Not everybody does, but it could be worthwhile.
  • Consistency is key!

Are you ready to build an Instagram for success? Make sure you use these do’s and don’t’s, but have fun with your new venture too!


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